10 Wonderful ways with raspberries

Jacqueline Meldrum

I like the fact that they’re seasonal. I wait impatiently for these jewel-like orbs to appear at the start of summer only to disappear again come autumn. I know you can buy them out of season, the punnets imported from Spain and Morocco, but they just aren’t as good.

I eat a lot of raspberries straight out of the punnet, but I also like them in smoothies, cakes, coulis and vinegar. I’ve collected my 10 favourite raspberry recipes to share with you. I hope you enjoy these recipes as much as I do.

Homemade raspberry vinegar

Fruit vinegars have a wonderful flavour. They’re good for salad dressings, to add flavours to stews and sauces or just to dunk good crusty bread in. In this recipe Kellie shows you how quick and easy they are to make. Tempted to try?

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Raspberry vinaigrette

Looking for something tasty and a bit different from bog standard French dressing to perk up your salads? Try this fruity vinaigrette from Elizabeth’s Kitchen Diary. It’s a super quick dressing made with fresh raspberries. Absolutely delicious, especially with a green salad.

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Beet and raspberry chia jam

This quick jam is made in a blender rather than the more traditional method of cooking fruit with lots of sugar at a rapid boil. You still need to sterilise your jars (I run mine through a hot wash in my dishwasher), but the jam is made in minutes and it’s super healthy too. All the health benefits of raspberries, raw beetroot and chia seeds without huge quantities of sugar.

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Vanilla cupcakes with clotted cream, fresh raspberries and raspberry jam

I do like cupcakes, but find the thick, sweet frosting very off-putting. I prefer a more old-fashioned cream and jam. Why not use Kate’s Beet and Raspberry Chia Jam in my filled cupcakes or just your favourite raspberry jam? Top them off with fresh raspberries and watch your guests faces light up as they bite into these tasty tea time treats.

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Raspberry and white chocolate tray bake

Tray bakes are simple to make and the perfect slice of cake to enjoy with a cuppa. This tray bake is made with flavoured yoghurt and raspberries, then finished off with a drizzle of white chocolate. It’s so simple you don’t even need a blender, a bowl and a whisk is all you need.

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Raspberry and beetroot swirl cake

Another sweet recipe including beetroot, this time a loaf cake and the flavour of beetroot comes from fresh beetroot and raspberry juice. The fresh raspberries are mashed through the sweetened juice and swirled through the batter for a pretty effect.

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Vanilla baked custard with raspberry coulis and blueberries

Helen’s baked custard is very easy to make and similar to a classic creme caramel. Baked custards are much simpler to make than you may imagine and include only four main ingredients plus some vanilla extract for flavour. There’s no gelatine either so less faffing about. Serve them with Helen’s raspberry coulis and top with fresh blueberries.

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Raspberry red cabbage smoothie

Shop bought smoothies are generally as bad for you as fizzy juice. They are often full of sugar and additives. Making your own is the best option, but always try to add one or two vegetables. It will cut down on the calories and make them much healthier. In this temptingly pink smoothie Sarah teams raspberries with red cabbage and even her little boy couldn’t tell.

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Rose and raspberry millefeuille

You may look at millefeuille in a bakery and think “Wow! Look at that, there’s no way I could make those” but you can and Urvashi shows you how in this simple recipe.  Why not give them a try? They are definitely worth making. They are so decadent and look utterly sensational.

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Squidgy raspberry brownies

I had to include chocolate somewhere and I finish with these delectably squidgy raspberry brownies. They are chocolatey, rich and moist. Better still they are gluten free, so great for those of you who have to be careful with your diet. They are gluten free but there’s no strange ingredients and they are heavenly.

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