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10 wonderful ways with Bramley apples

BY Helen Best-Shaw

1st Jan 2015 Recipes

10 wonderful ways with Bramley apples

The Bramley harvest epitomises autumn in an English orchard. Here are 10 delicious recipes to use them in.

The first Bramley tree was planted in Southwell, Nottinghamshire, by Mary Ann Brailsford back in 1809. Astonishingly, that original tree continues to produce fruit to this day. The Bramley growing industry is now worth £50 million a year to British apple farmers.  

Bramleys make such good cooking apples because they contain considerably less dry matter than regular eating apples. That’s what gives them that wondrously fluffy texture once cooked.

For some Bramley inspiration why not try one of these recipes:

1. Bramley, goat’s cheese and thyme muffins

Bramley goat's cheese and thyme muffins

Ring the weekend breakfast changes with these savoury muffins. They’re far better for you than a coffee shop takeout. Very easy to make and ready in 30 minutes. 


2. Bramley toad in the hole

Bramley toad in the hole

For a fruity twist on traditional toad in the hole, try adding slices of Bramley apples to make an orchard toad in the hole.


3. Goat’s cheese apple pie bites

Goats cheese apple pie bites

These little rolls of pastry filled with goat’s cheese and Bramley apple are perfect for parties and super easy to make. Simply cut triangles of pastry, add cheese and the apple, roll up and bake.


4. Grain free mini apple and berry pies

Grain free mini apple and berry pies

This gluten free twist on a classic uses a nut based pastry to top mini apple and berry pies. These individual pies look so much more attractive to serve to guests than slices.


5. Toffee apple crumble

Toffee apple crumble

There’s never a better time to bake pies and crumbles than when the nights are drawing in and it’s getting colder. In this decadent crumble, Bramleys are cooked with dates in a homemade toffee sauce. 


6. Gooseberry and Bramley jam

Gooseberry and Bramley jam

This gooseberry and Bramley jam is a glorious colour and the perfect partner for scones.


7. Bramley apple caramel cream pie

Bramley apple caramel cream pie

Despite appearances this indulgent looking pie is not that hard to make, and it’s sure to impress. You can make the base and filling in advance, and even cheat with a ready-made caramel sauce. 


8. Vegan apple crumble

Vegan apple crumble

This dairy free crumble is filled with spiced Bramleys and cranberries, then topped with a nutty, coconut crumble.


9. Honey apple cardamom Bundt cakes

Honey apple cardamom Bundt cakes

Individual cakes seem so much nicer, and a Bundt is always sure to impress. These Bramley cakes are full of lovely autumnal flavours.


10. Mincemeat

Mincemeat with Bramley apples

It’s never too early to begin your Christmas preparations. Get ahead with this mincemeat recipe; make it now, and enjoy delicious mince pies come December.

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