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10 wonderful ways with blueberries

10 wonderful ways with blueberries

Blueberries are a great fruit to have on standby in the fridge. Throw them in your porridge, over your cereal, blend them up into a smoothie, add them to yoghurt or just nibble on them for a snack, and if you're stuck for ideas, here a ten for you.

Blueberries are such a reliable fruit too, don’t you agree? Other fruits keep you waiting. It’s hard, still hard, is it ever going to ripen, then mush. You know where you stand with blueberries, they’re always ready to eat and have a great shelf life.

Still not convinced? They have great health benefits too. They’re one of the fruits with the highest antioxidant levels, which help protect against cancers, aging, degenerative diseases, and infections and they’re a low-calorie snack, only 57 calories for 100g of fresh blueberries.

Now for some recipe inspiration…

Mixed Berry Chia Pudding

mixed berry chia pudding
Chia seeds have become very fashionable lately and there’s a good reason why. They are a superfood full of nutrients including omega 3 fatty acids and they are very easy to add to dishes for that extra nutritional boost.

Nadia mixes them with milk, honey, vanilla extract and berries for this quick and easy pudding that would make a great breakfast.

Get the recipe here: Nadia's healthy kitchen


Blueberry and Cinnamon Tarts

blueberry tarts
Sarah whips up these tarts with homemade shortcrust pastry, but you could use shop bought if you are short of time. Fresh blueberries, cinnamon paste and crème de cassis flavour these individual tarts beautifully. Serve cold with cream.

Get the recipe here: Maison cupcakes


Blueberry Blintz

blueberry blintz
This is a vegan version of crepes, so great for those of you who follow a dairy free diet. The blintz are made with dairy free margarine and soy milk instead of dairy and flavoured with a little sugar, apple sauce and vanilla. They are very easy to make and even easier to eat.

Get the recipe here: Taste space


Fresh Blueberry Flapjacks

I regularly bake oaty flapjacks for my family. They are simple to make and a healthy snack. I particularly like to make them to take on walks. Just the thing for an energy boost.

I generally use dried fruit and sometimes chocolate chips, but this time I decided to use fresh blueberries and they worked really well.

Get the recipe here: Tinned tomatoes


Blueberry Vanilla and Mascarpone Ice Cream Terrine

blueberry vanilla mascarpone ice cream
A sumptuous layered ice cream dessert that’s easy to make with simple step-by-step instructions. If you want something simpler just make the ice cream which is a delicious blend of fresh blueberries, whipped cream and mascarpone flavoured with vanilla.

Get the recipe here: Franglais kitchen


Blueberry Loaf Cake

blueberry loaf cake
This is my go-to cake. It’s easy to make and I get two cakes out of this mixture. You can use any berries in this cake, but blueberries work particularly well. They explode inside for wonderful pockets of gooey fruit. It’s a wonderfully moist vanilla cake that slices beautifully and receives so many compliments.

Get the recipe here: Blueberry loaf


Blueberry and Vanilla Cheesecake Pancakes

blueberry cheesecake pancakes
Looking for a luxurious pancake recipe that you can serve for dessert? This is it!

Think of a creamy no-bake cheesecake in a pancake. Oh yes! Simple crepes (you can use shop bought for this recipe), crème fraiche, cream cheese, mascarpone, crushed digestives and fresh blueberries. Mmmmm!

Get the recipe here: Ren behan


Balsamic Peach and Balsamic Galette

balsamic peach and raspberry galette
The joy of galettes is they are so free form. You don’t need great pastry skills, but what you get is something that looks amazing to serve up to your guests. This galette is made with peaches, raspberries and blueberries, but you can change up the fillings.

Personally I like serving them with custard, but they are good with cream too.

Get the recipe here: Balsamic galette


Blueberry Vinaigrette

I’ve shared some mouth-watering sweet blueberry recipes with you, but blueberries can be used in salads too and Susan has created a deliciously healthy vinaigrette with blueberries. What an amazing colour it is. My mouth is watering just looking at it!

Try drizzling it over your next salad, you won’t be sorry!

Get the recipe here: Fat free vegan


Sweet and Tangy Berry Tabbouleh

blueberry tabbouleh
Staying with salads, Kellie has updated the traditional tabbouleh with quinoa instead of bulgur wheat and she has introduced pomegranate syrup, blueberries, cranberries and pecans for a really exciting dish that will delight your senses. It’s easy to make, so why not give it a go?

Get the recipe here: Food to glow

Featured photo: Pinterest/Julicious

Jacqueline Meldrum is a freelance food writer and recipe developer. Jacqueline blogs at Tinned Tomatoes.

You can follow Jacqueline on TwitterFacebook, Instagram and Google+


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