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10 wonderful ways with avocado

BY Helen Best-Shaw

1st Jan 2015 Recipes

10 wonderful ways with avocado

Originating from Central America, the avocado is a much-loved ingredient in kitchens up and down the country. As well as being delicious, they're packed with monounsaturated fats, vitamin E, iron, potassium and niacin.

Back in the 1970s when avocados were less common and well known, they were known as an avocado pear to introduce some familiarity to this, then exotic, fruit. 

There are 4 main types of avocado. The most common is the Hass, with its bumpy and dark skin. Less well-known are the smooth-skinned Ettinger and Fuerte, as well as the rounded Nabal.

Keep avocados in the fruit bowl until they are ripe, and then store in the fridge.

Once cut they will quickly blacken, so prepare just before eating, or give them a quick spritz of lemon or lime juice. Half an avocado with the stone still in will keep for a day or so when wrapped in plastic film in the fridge.

Here are 10 wonderful recipes using avocado to get you through the day from breakfast until dinner! 

1. Lime and avocado smoothie

Lime and avocado smoothie

Starting the day with a vitamin packed green smoothie sets you well on your way to your 5-a-day and is delicious too. 

This fresh and creamy key lime pie flavoured smoothie makes an ideal breakfast. If you do not have a power blender then use chilled rather than frozen ingredients. 


2. Smoked salmon and avocado stacks

Smoked salmon and avocado stacks

The pale green of the avocado and pink of salmon go so well together and make this elegant starter that looks exquisite. 

Perfect for a dinner party.


3. Avocado coconut fries

avocado coconut fries

Avocado is usually enjoyed raw, but is also delicious cooked. 

These coconut coated avocado fries will make an excellent snack or starter.


4. Feta and avocado sauce

Feta and avocado sauce

Blitz up some avocado and feta to make a delicious adaptable sauce. 

In this recipe it is served with courgette noodles, but it is also delicious with pasta, on toast, or served as a dip.


5. Kale, watermelon and avocado salad

Kale watermelon and avocado salad

The buttery softness of avocado makes it perfect to pair and contrast with leafy greens.

As well as kale and avocado this salad contains sweet watermelon.


6. Chicken and avocado burgers    

Chicken and avocado burgers

These super simple to make chicken burgers with a twist contain avocado. 

Simply mix, season, shape and grill them. 


7. Avocado and coconut ice cream

avocado and coconut ice cream

This beautiful pale green ice cream is made with just four ingredients including avocado and can be made without an ice cream machine. 


8. Chocolate hazelnut banana bread

Chocolate hazelnut banana bread

Banana bread is a popular teatime bake, this delicious version contains an avocado in place of the butter or fat. (Substitute any soft brown sugar for the turbinado).


9. Chocolate mousse cake

Chocolate mousse cake

This indulgent chocolate cake is topped with a layer of rich thick mousse, made with avocado.

It is the perfect dish for dessert to impress at your next dinner party. It’s vegan too making it suitable for those who cannot eat eggs or diary.


10. Avocado chocolate truffles

Avocado Choc truffles

These indulgent truffles are made with just three core ingredients, and are also vegan and diary free. 

As they count towards your 5-a-day they are guilt-free which means you can eat more of them! Never a bad thing.


Helen Best-Shaw is a freelance food & recipe writer and blogger at Fuss Free Flavours