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10 wonderful seafood recipes

BY Helen Best-Shaw

8th Oct 2021 Recipes

10 wonderful seafood recipes

Seafood is often something that people find a little too much hassle at home, but it needn’t be

Here are ten seafood and fish recipes with a difference to enjoy this month.

Cataplana is an adaptable and easy to make traditional Portuguese stew from the Algarve, cooked in the distinctive flying saucer-shaped cataplana pan. Follow this recipe to make an authentic cataplana at home. The dish is probably the most traditional and local dish that you can get in the Algarve, and on the menu of all the local restaurants.

Shoyu Ahi Poke

These cubed up pieces of raw fish tossed in an umami-packed marinade sauce are perfect with any Hawaiian plate, in a poke bowl, or served on its own. The word “poke” means to slice or cut into sections; poke is a traditional Hawaiian dish made of cubed up raw fish. Aku (skipkjack tuna), he’e (octopus), ahi (yellowfin tuna), and salmon are commonly used for this dish.

Har Gow prawn dumplings

Har Gow (ha gau or har gau) are the white skinned prawn dumplings that are a highlight on any dim sum platter. They are surprisingly easy, fun to make and much cheaper than buying them ready prepared. A dipping sauce is essential; this can be as a simple as a little light soy mixed with some rice wine vinegar or a sweet chilli sauce.  


The rules for mussels are pretty simple: discard any that don't close before cooking or are cracked; and discard any that don't open during cooking. This recipe comes from the Normandy, which is the primary mussel-farming region of France, and also a major cider-producing area. This is a quick dish! I had this on the table in 20 minutes, not including time spent scrubbing the mussels and checking them for beards, which didn't take long at all.

Pasta alle vongole

Of all the wonderful seafood pasta recipes there are, pasta alle vongole is probably the top of the bestseller list. Pasta with clams is traditionally made in what Italians call a red or white version (rosso o bianco); in other words, with tomatoes or without. This recipe is for the “white”, tomato-less version.

Szechuan Prawns

This is a perfect quick stir fry that you can cook in under 30 minutes; the “fizz” of Szechuan pepper is pure magic with shrimp. Szechuan peppercorns are not related to pepper at all, they are the husk of the seed which tastes amazing—like grown-up popping candy. Here’s the perfect use, a dish that you can make with easily available frozen prawns. 


This recipe contains everything you need to know about how to prepare mussels for cooking: from how to select, store, clean and even cook the traditional favourite Moules Marinières. Mussels are inexpensive, quick and easy to cook. But this recipe, with cream and white wine, really brings out the flavour of the sea.

Oysters Rockefeller

Established in 1840, Antoine’s in New Orleans is one of America’s oldest restaurants and the home of Oyster Rockefeller. The original oysters Rockefeller, a closely guarded secret recipe is said to have been made with watercress, not spinach. In this version, oysters are layered on cooked spinach, topped with hollandaise sauce and grilled.

Prawn curry

This easy prawn curry with coconut milk is my go-to curry-in-a-hurry. In just 20 minutes you can rustle up a yummy pan of this curry and enjoy succulent prawns/shrimp in a creamy, flavourful and delicate coconut sauce. Curry powder and turmeric bring warmth and earthiness that is contrasted by the fresh tanginess of green chilli, fresh ginger and lime.


Langoustines are just like lobster, only cheaper, smaller and easier to cook. They look like prawns but they are so much tastier, with more refined, sweet meat. Easily available from fishmongers, both frozen and fresh, we’re really missing out on these treats; the majority of the catch is sent to mainland Europe. Here is everything you need to know about langoustines.

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