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10 wonderful barbecue beef ideas


1st Jan 2015 Recipes

10 wonderful barbecue beef ideas

Beef burgers are probably the most common and easiest item to throw on the barbecue. But barbecue beef should not end there. Take a look at these 10 wonderful ideas.

1. Garlic ginger soy barbecue steak

Garlic ginger soy barbecue steak

As well as a delicious recipe, here is a handy guide on how long to different steaks for varying degrees of thickness and doneness.


2. Sweet and tangy London broil

Sweet and tangy London broil

The prime flank or round steak is sometimes known in the USA as the London Broil. Lean and budget friendly, it cooks excellently on the barbecue. In this dish the meat is treated with a dry rub and then brushed with chilli sauce during cooking. 


3. Korean beef kebabs

Korean beef kebabs

This 'from scratch' marinaded beef, includes soy sauce, chilli, ginger, garlic and rice vinegar. Top tip: prepare in advance and freeze the meat in the marinade. 


4. Coffee crusted bone in rib eye

Coffee crusted bone in rib eye

Coffee is not just for drinks, it makes an excellent coating for these chilli marinated rib eye steaks.


5. Smoked beef ribs 

Smoked beef ribs

Meat on the bone is great for outdoor eating and for using your fingers. These ribs are made in the smoker with cherry wood, but can be done on the barbecue with a generous measure of wood chips.


6. Beef bulgogi with bibimbap

Beef bulgogi with bibimbap

Moving back to Korea. In this bulgogi with bibimbap recipe the meat is tenderised by the addition of kiwi. This style of meal is great for picky eaters as it comes with a choice of toppings. 


7. Hibachi steak with grilled wasabi potatoes

Hibachi steak with grilled wasabi potatoes

This traditional Japanese Hibachi steak is served wwith homade soy sauce and grilled vegetables. Simply wonderful. 


8. Porcini rub steak

Porcini rub steak

This sure-to-impress rump steak has been cooked on the griddle. Rubbed with freshly ground dried porcini mushrooms it gives a hefty umami kick.


9. Lump of rump

Lump of rump

These steaks are almost charred on the outside, but perfectly rare in on the inside. Cooking a large, and expensive, piece of meat on the barbecue takes a little nerve, but the results are well worth it. 


10. Beef brisket with braai sauce potjiekos

Beef brisket with braai sauce potjiekos

Finally a traditional South African recipe. Traditionally this would have been cooked in the embers of a fire, but you can stand it in your barbecue or oven cook.


Helen Best-Shaw, is a freelance food & recipe writer and blogger at Fuss Free Flavours. Click here for more articles from Helen.