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10 Ways to prepare autumn greens

BY Helen Best-Shaw

15th Oct 2018 Recipes

10 Ways to prepare autumn greens

These delicious autumn greens recipes will impress any hungry mouth. Read on for ten sumptuous ways to eat your veggies...

Autumn means moving on from leafy summer salads, but I really like to keep the healthy theme going by focussing on eating my greens and picking new recipes to reflect  the changing seasons. There are still plenty of locally grown fresh greens available in the shops, and there’s so much I can do with them to keep the idea of fresh, delicious food going as the days get shorter, particularly by moving on with seasonal salads. 

By spending a little time, I can really make a dish that’s a little out of the ordinary and something a bit different. Here are ten ideas for recipes that emphasise autumn greens. 


We start with something a bit different: don’t discard those leafy green carrot tops! Use them to make this delicious carrot top pesto. Fresh tasting, healthy, and a definite change from the usual. It’s naturally nut and gluten free.


This is a spicy spinach gravy served with cubes of fried paneer cheese. This is one traditional recipe where modern appliances make all the difference: making the spinach paste takes no time in a blender, so it takes no time to produce this traditional dish. 


Salmon teriyaki is an easy classic, and it’s accompanied here with bok choi that’s also baked with teriyaki sauce. I love the look of this dish, with the bok choi simply cut in half lengthways and coloured with the sauce. Perfect for serving to friends as well as family. 


There are still plenty of salads that can be made in the autumn. Here’s a healthy example with candied pecans for crunch and sweetness, salty feta and vibrant kale served with quinoa for a superfood carb hit, all dressed with a zesty lemony vinaigrette.


I love adding fresh fruit to salads, and here’s a salad that’s bursting with autumn harvest. Sliced apples for sweetness and crunch, pomegranate seeds for that little burst of sweetly sour juice as you bite into them, and feta cheese for an offset of saltiness, all served on a bed of mixed greens.

Light and creamy from the cashew coconut sauce, this stew is comforting, hearty and a great dish to add to an autumnal meal plan rotation. I love the idea of balancing bitterness from the kale with sweetness from the sweet potatoes and cashew coconut cream sauce. 


One of the ways to enjoy a salad in autumn is with one of finely sliced winter vegetables. The ingredients for coleslaw are generally available year-round, but here’s another root vegetable salad, made from thinly cut aniseed flavoured fennel, served with pomegranate seeds, grapefruit and walnuts. 


A true Northern Caesar salad, with brussels sprouts alongside bacon, a homemade mayonnaise dressing tossed with anchovies, garlic, mustard, Worcestershire and lemon juice, and homemade croutons topped with a generous pile of shredded gouda cheese.


A variation on previous recipes, this super refreshing and gluten free rocket and Fennel adds pears to make a light and vegetarian lunch. Perfectly paired with candied chili almonds for some crunchy heat, and again, salty goats cheese.


Do you love the flavour of smoke? If you do, you’ll love this smoked beets and greens with goats cheese and walnuts. A cold smoke gun is all you need to infuse fresh beets and their greens with lots of smoky flavour. The sage browned butter is optional. 


Helen Best-Shaw, is a freelance food & travel writer, recipe developer & photographer. She has been blogging at Fuss Free Flavours for over 10 years. 

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