10 Temptingly Delicious Loaf Cakes to Enjoy with a Cuppa

Jacqueline Meldrum

The other reason I love them is because they are so easy to make. Just mix up the ingredients, pour them in a loaf tin and pop them in the oven. That’s it, simple.

My best tip for loaf cakes is to use cake tin liners. No more laboriously measuring out sheets of greaseproof paper as my Mum taught me. Just pop the liner in and pour in the cake batter.  An excellent invention and well worth every penny.

One Pot Fruit Loaf

This is the cake my Mum has made, since I was a wee girl. It was pulled out of a magazine decades ago and it never fails. It’s in cup measures, so it must have originally been an American or Australian recipe, but it’s super simple. My mum uses a teacup to measure, but I use measuring cups. It’s fabulous sliced and spread with butter.

Get the recipe here: Tinned Tomatoes

Jaffa Drizzle Sponge Cake

If you love Jaffa Cakes, you’ll love this loaf cake. An orange scented cake, drizzled with more orange and topped with melted chocolate. It’s super easy, moist and delicious.

Get the recipe here: Tinned Tomatoes

Blackberry Cake with Orange Drizzle

This is a great recipe to have. It’s one of my favourites and you can easily make it a little different each time. Change the blackberries for blueberries, raspberries or strawberries, then choose your drizzle. Lemon, lime or orange. I’ve tried this with many combinations and it’s always good. It’s easy to slice and moist. My family and friends love this one.

Get the recipe here: Tinned Tomatoes

Snickers Cheesecake Loaf

If you’re looking for a loaf cake that is a bit more special, then this is it. A combination of cake and cheesecake topped with caramel and salted peanuts. Splendid!

Get the recipe here: Tinned Tomatoes

Treacle Gingerbread

This is an old-fashioned gingerbread loaf cake, which has a great flavour from treacle and spices. You couldn’t get a better slice of cake to enjoy with a cuppa.

Get the recipe here: Tinned Tomatoes

Nutty Apple Loaf

There’s lots of interesting flavours in this cake; apple, cinnamon, walnut and chocolate. I would never say no to a slice of this!

Get the recipe here: Maison Cupcake

Nutella Swirl Loaf

Another nutty loaf this time, with the flavour of Nutella for an indulgent finish. This loaf is topped with Nutella and hazelnuts, but you could serve it plain.

Get the recipe here: Taming Twins

Salted Chocolate and Peanut Butter Loaf

A rich chocolate and peanut butter loaf. The peanut butter is only roughly mixed into the batter so there are little pockets of peanut butter through the cake.

Get the recipe here: Taming Twins

Iced Cherry Pound Cake

This one is a moist yellow pound cake, studded with colourful candied cherries and topped with vanilla frosting for that finishing touch (frosting is optional).

Get the recipe here: Elizabeth's Kitchen Diary

Fruity Chai Loaf Cake (dairy free)

We are finishing with a moist fruit cake. Bursting with fruit and flavoured with tea and cinnamon. I would definitely spread some butter on a slice of this, but that’s a Scottish thing.

I hope I’ve inspired you to try some of these cakes. Go on take a break and enjoy a slice or two.

Get the recipe here: Elizabeth's Kitchen Diary

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