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10 Tasty twists on Easter lunch

BY Helen Best-Shaw

28th Mar 2018 Recipes

10 Tasty twists on Easter lunch

Easter is a time to gather together and to celebrate the very best of spring food. If a traditional lamb roast isn't your bag, here are 10 other ideas for an Easter lunch with a twist. 

Miso honey roast lamb

miso honey roast lamb
Image via The Flavor Bender

Miso is a wonderfully adaptable Japanese condiment made from soybeans.

It enhances and complements many other flavours and ingredients. Here it is mixed with honey to make a coating for a lamb joint.



Tandoori leg of lamb

tandoori leg of lamb
Image via Kavey Eats

Inspired by Indian heritage cooking, this tandoori leg of lamb is ideal for an early and potentially cooler Easter.  

You need to start this in advance but once prepared it is a largely hands-off dish.



Slow cooked, spiced pulled lamb

slow cooked spice pulled lamb
Image via Fuss Free Flavours

If you have more guests than table space this Easter then this pulled lamb served in baguettes is ideal. 

Serve it with a selection of fillings and let everyone build their own. 



Foraged savoury vegetable cake

foraged savoury vegetable cake
Image via Kellies Food to Glow

This savoury cake topped with quail’s eggs is a stunning vegetarian centrepiece. 

Collecting the nettles and wild garlic can involve the whole family for a fun Easter activity.

If foraging’s not your style however, there are easy substitutions from the supermarket.



Goats’ cheese tart with mint

goats' cheese tart
Image via Thinly Spread

The classic goats’ cheese tart is given the spring treatment with the addition of some fresh mint. 

Ideal for relaxed casual dining as well as sunny spring picnics.



Squash and basil amoretti lasagne

squash and lasagne
Image via Two Purple Figs

This light, vegetarian lasagne is given texture and a touch of sweetness by the addition of crushed amaretti biscuits.  

Served cold, it can be great fun asking people to work out the mystery ingredient when you serve it.  



Spring roast beef with wild garlic pesto

spring roast beef
Image via Foodie Quine

With pesto you can really get creative. Think outside the box and vary the herbs, swap the nuts for seeds, and add some spices.  

In this recipe a joint of beef is covered with a wild garlic pesto and breadcrumbs to make a delicious crust.



Easter pie calzone

easter pie calxone
Image via Pinch Me I'm Eating

An Easter pie is a classic Italian dish, made after the weeks of Lenten abstinence from rich foods. 

Traditionally the pie would be filled with meats, eggs and cheese.

This recipe is a twist on the Easter pie, and made as a calzone



Hawaiian tuna burgers

Hawaiian tuna burgers
Image via Healthy Helper

These paleo burgers are packed with fruity, bright summer flavours and will remind you of the hot days to come.

They pulled together easily and are oven baked rather than fried.



Lemon garlic tilapia

Lemon garlic tilapia
Image via Go Eat and Repeat

A lighter Easter lunch means you can eat more chocolate, right?

This quick dish is quickly made by poaching tilapia fillets in a lemon and garlic flavoured broth.


Helen Best-Shaw" target="_blank">Helen Best-Shaw is a freelance food and recipe writer and blogs at Fuss Free Flavours.


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