10 Tasty recipes to batch cook and freeze

Karen Burns-Booth 

It doesn’t matter what the season, if you have time at the weekend or on days off to batch cook or bake for the freezer, it saves time when you are busier later and also preserves any seasonal fruit and veggies you may have to hand too.

1. Vegan roasted squash and creamy pesto lasagne 

Vegan roasted squash and creamy pesto lasagne
Image via The Veg Space

Lasagne is always welcome at the family dinner table for old and young alike.

This recipe for roasted squash and creamy pesto lasagne that freezes really well, and is a fun cooking project for a rainy Saturday afternoon, making you eight individual dinners for cold winter nights to come. 

Get the recipe for vegan roasted squash and creamy pesto lasagne


2. Cottage pie

cottage pie
Image via Mumsnet

Here’s another winter winner, cottage pie is one of my favourite comfort meals and here’s the perfect recipe to make and freeze for the weeks ahead.

You can either freeze it after you've put the mash on (before you've put it in the oven) or after baking.

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3. Freezer breakfast sandwiches with ham, eggs and cheese

freezer breakfast sandwiches
Image via Lavender and Lovage

Here’s a handy recipe for getting ahead with breakfast or brunch; tasty homemade breakfast buns with ham, eggs and cheese are wrapped in cling film and frozen, ready for reheating in a jiffy when time is short.

They are very easy to prepare and take under two minutes to reheat from frozen.

Get the recipe for freezer breakfast sandwiches with ham, eggs and cheese

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4. Bonfire chilli with beef, chocolate and pumpkin

pumpkin beef and chocolate chilli

A big steaming bowl of chilli is a wonderful midweek family meal, and this recipe also has the added bonus of seasonal pumpkin.

Chocolate is also added to this beefy chilli, for an authentic Mexican taste—it enhances the depth of flavour in this comforting dish, and adds a silky richness

Get the recipe for bonfire chilli with beef, chocolate and pumpkin


5. Monday pie

Monday pie recipe
Image via Fab Food for All

Monday pie is a dish you make after your Sunday roast, and this pie is also a great candidate for the freezer.

You can freeze the pie in small batches for future individual meals, or as one big pie for the whole family.

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6. Scottish morning rolls

Scottish morning rolls baps
Image via Lavender and Lovage

This is my mum’s recipe, and one she would make every baking day for the freezer; at least three dozen rolls would be made and carefully packed away, so we always had fresh bread rolls for school lunches or for tea.

If not frozen, they are best eaten on the day that they are made, however, they are delicious toasted the next day too.

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7. Mystery freezer cake with honey lemon buttercream icing

mystery freezer cake
Image via Belleau Kitchen

Why make one cake when you can make two at the same time with the same mess and using the same power?  

It’s ideal for when random friends pop in unexpectedly, and a frozen cake makes an excellent gift to someone who's just eaten and admired your cake—"Please, take one home, I have one in the freezer!"

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8. Cheese, onion and potato pie

Cheese Pie
Image via Lavender and Lovage

If you are making a big batch of pastry for pies and pasties, then a pie is a fabulous addition for the freezer.

This pie is a winner, and will bring a smile to the faces of your family when you spell out the letters in pastry to "say cheese"!

Perfect for picnics, lunch boxes and family suppers.

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9. Big-batch bolognese


Whip up a huge batch of bolognese that's fit to feed a hungry crowd, or freeze half for a speedy midweek meal.

This recipe is also packed with lots of your five-a-day vegetables and makes 12 generous servings.

Get the recipe for big-batch bolognese


10. Home-made tomato sauce for the freezer

home-made tomato sauce
Image via Oh My Veggies

Preserve the last of the garden tomatoes with this easy to make and freeze large-batch Italian style tomato sauce.

Once it’s cooked down to a consistency you like, add the fresh herbs, if using, and season well with salt and pepper.

Get the recipe for home-made tomato sauce for the freezer


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