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10 tasty alternatives to Christmas pudding

10 tasty alternatives to Christmas pudding

Christmas pudding might be a staple of the festive season, but how many people can truly say they like it? Throw tradition out the window with these 10 delicious alternatives. 

Date and ginger sticky toffee pudding with brandy toffee sauce

date and ginger sticky toffee pudding with brandy
Image via Super Golden Bakes

We had you at brandy right?

This sauce, which is rich, sticky and warming from the brandy, is poured over moist and flavourful individual puddings. Delicious.


Fig and blackberry crumble

Image via Franglais Kitchen

These glorious individual puddings are topped with oats and quinoa instead of flour which still has a crisp buttery finish but is naturally gluten free.

It’s also full of fibre and protein as well as being super tasty.


Almond, orange and plum cake

almond orange and plum cake
Image via Recipes from a Pantry

This cake would be wonderful with custard or whipped cream.

It’s super easy to make too, just cream the butter and sugar, fold in the dry ingredients and fruit then pop it in the oven.

A great standby pudding for last minute guests.


Lemon pudding

lemon pudding
Image via Ren Behan

A soft fluffy golden yellow sponge with the flavour of lemon. This one really does call out for custard.


Pear, mincemeat and cranberry galette

Pear mincemeat and cranberry
Image via Food to Glow

Although a galette is a very rustic style pudding, it still looks rather sophisticated.

The good news is it’s simple to make and doesn’t have to be too perfect to look great.

This one is very seasonal with the flavours of pear, mincemeat and cranberry. Perfect served with cream.


Plum-berry upside down cobbler

Plum berry upside down cobbler
Image via Food to Glow

Another easy one, this time you make a batter and pour it into a skillet or other ovenproof dish, add some seasonal fruit and bake until golden.

You could also use frozen berries for a taste of summer during the cold days of winter. Frozen berries are rather nice as they go a little jammy. Custard with this pudding, definitely.


Panettone and Nutella bread pudding

panettone and nutella bread pudding
Image via Ren Behan

Bread and butter pudding is such a comforting dish, but make it with panettone and Nutella and it’s taken to a whole new level.

This pudding will wow you and your guests. Don’t wait for leftover panettone after Christmas, buy one especially to make this. Now don’t you dare serve this with anything but custard.


Nutella chocolate semolina pudding with hazelnut meringue

nutella chocolate semolina pudding
Image via Maison Cupcake

Another great pudding made with Nutella.

This pudding would be fabulous plain, but the addition of Hazelnut Meringue is rather wonderful and much easier than you may think.

Serve this one with vanilla ice cream.


Salted caramel apple pie

Salted caramel apple pie
Image via Supergolden Bakes

Layers of juicy apple in a buttery crust, what’s not to love? This pie is stacked high American style with the perfect addition of salted caramel.

This would be great served with custard, but for the ultimate dessert use a really good quality vanilla ice cream.


Snickers cheesecake loaf

Image via Tinned Tomatoes

This last pudding is a cake, but with that rich texture a pudding must have.  

A mixture of rich chocolate cake, creamy cheesecake layer, crunchy nuts and caramel sauce, this is not to be missed! Serve it with custard, cream or ice cream.

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