10 Spring cakes that will make you smile

Jacqueline Meldrum 

There’s nothing better with a cuppa than a slice of homemade cake. Spring cakes, in particular, are a thing of beauty. Fresh and light with fruity flavours and an element of fun. Here are 10 of our favourite spring time cake recipes. 

Orange blossom and pistachio cake

orange blossom and pistachio cake
Image via Katie Cakes

A simple sponge cake made with pistachios and almonds. Once this cake is out of the oven it is pricked with a skewer which allows a delicious orange blossom syrup to sink into the cake, leaving it moist and perfumed.

Finally, it’s topped with frosting and sugared roses. These roses are optional, but they do look glorious.

Find the recipe for orange blossom and pistachio cake at Katie Cakes



Apple and cinnamon cake

apple and cinnamon cake
Image via Tinned Tomatoes

This cake may sound autumnal in flavor but its fruity nature makes it a worthy contender as a spring cake. 

It's a basic yoghurt cake topped with generous slices of apple and a sprinkling of sugar and cinnamon. A great way of using up some of those apples sitting in your fruit bowl.

Find the recipe for apple and cinnamon cake at Tinned Tomatoes



Orange and cardamom cake

orange and cardamom cake
Image via Recipes from a Pantry

Another fruity cake, this time spiced with cardamom. Cardamom has a warm spicy sweet flavor that can really perk up bakes and goes particularly well with the orange in this recipe.

Once it’s baked this cake is topped with lightly flavoured whipped cream that carries through the flavour of the cake.

Find the recipe for orange and cardamom cake at Recipes from a Pantry



White chocolate passion cake

white chocolate passion cake
Image via Maison Cupcake

White chocolate makes for a paler cake with a milky sweet flavor unlike dark chocolate which can be so intense and heavy.

This cake has white chocolate in the batter, more in the frosting and is filled with passion fruit jam. If you can’t find passion fruit jam, then apricot jam will work just as well.

Find the recipe for white chocolate passion cake at Maison Cupcake



Rhubarb bundt cake with ginger glaze

rhubarb bundt
Image via Tin and Thyme

This recipe makes a deliciously moist bundt cake with a good crumb structure that cuts well. A bundt cake is a thing of beauty so it doesn’t need much in the way of decoration.

This one is flavoured with rhubarb and orange and served with a drizzle of ginger glaze.

Find the recipe for rhubarb bundt cake with ginger glaze at Tin and Thyme



Lavender and lemon bundt cake

lavender and lemon
Image via Elizabeth's Kitchen Diary

The second bundt cake on my list is lemon flavoured with a touch of lavender. Lavender can add a floral flavour to a cake, but you have to be careful not to add too much or you will be left with a soapy taste.  

This cake has a little lavender added to the batter and then some sprinkled on at the end for decoration.

Find the recipe for lavender and lemon bundt cake at Elizabeth’s Kitchen Diary



Bergamot and rose rhubarb bundt

bergamot and rose
Image via Food to Glow

Our third bundt is a quick mix cake studded with chunks of tart rhubarb. It’s made with yoghurt which makes it beautifully moist and olive oil is used in place of butter.

The cake is finished with a colourful icing that’s flavoured with some of the rhubarb juice.

Find the recipe for bergamot and rose rhubarb bundt at Food to Glow



Gluten free almond and orange cake

Image via Veggie Desserts

The next cake is gluten and dairy free. It’s made with pan corn flour, a maize meal popular in South American cooking.

Almond is combined with orange in this moist, flavourful cake and the whole thing is topped with cardamom coconut cream icing.

Find the recipe for this gluten free almond and orange cake at Veggie Desserts



Sourdough vanilla sponge cake

sourdough vanilla sponge cake
Image via Green Gourmet Giraffe

If you like making your own bread then this is the cake for you. It’s made with sourdough starter which gives the cake extra flavour. This cake is also dairy and egg free.

It can be finished with either a dusting of icing sugar or buttercream made with dairy free spread and flavoured with vanilla.

Find the recipe for sourdough vanilla sponge cake at Green Gourmet Giraffe



Pimms layer cake

Pimms layer cake
Image via Taming Twins

This last cake is the most indulgent of our list: a Victoria sponge.

Each layer is drizzled with Pimms syrup and topped with buttercream and the whole thing is finished up with a pile of fruit and of course cucumber, this is a Pimms cake after all. Watch your guests drool!

Find the recipe for this Pimms layer cake at Taming Twins



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