10 Recipes using succulent blackcurrants

Helen Best-Shaw 

With blackcurrants, it's a case of feast or famine. Which means that some inspiration is needed to make the best use of your plant's bountifulness. These delicious recipes give 10 different ideas for using your bumper crop.

Mixed berry and orange smoothie

mixed berry and orange smoothie
Image via Greedy Gourmet

Something for the hotter weather now. A cooling smoothie that can be made with a wide range of soft fruit.

Just imagine how good it would look made with blackcurrants, with that enticing dark purple colour.

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Blackcurrant plate pie

blackcurrant plate pie
Image via Every Nook and Cranny 

The second recipe to tempt your taste buds is with a traditional pie. Pastry, blackcurrants, sugar… it’s simplicity itself, but simplicity doesn’t have to mean it’s not delicious.

Just imagine a slice of this with a big dollop of whipped cream on top, yum!

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Omega boost beetroot and blackcurrant energy bars

omega boost
Image via The Veg Space

The origins of these energy bars might lie in the humble flapjack, but these examples really outshine their ancestors, being packed with beetroot, nuts, seeds, and blackcurrants.

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Blackcurrant swirl ice cream

ice cream
Image via Smarter Fitter

I don’t know about you, but ice cream is a near-staple nearly always found in our freezer. And a home-made ice cream knocks the socks off one from the shops.

Swirl ice creams look great, but if it doesn’t quite work the first time around, well, you’ll just have to eat it and then have another go. What a shame!

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Blackcurrant focaccia

blackcurrant bread
Image via Baking Queen

This is an adaption of a BBC recipe, taking the well-known Italian savoury bread and turning it into a sweet delight, perfect for tea, picnics, light meals or barbecues.

I love the way that the blackcurrants are oozing juice into the crumb.

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Strawberry, blackcurrant and coconut water smoothie

cocnut water smoothie
Image via Foodie Quine

The world-class soft fruit of Scotland is combined with the love-it-or-hate-it ingredient of coconut water (the clear liquid found in young coconuts) for another smoothie here.

Again, as with most smoothies, the recipe is more of a starting point suggestion to tailor to your own tastes.

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Yoghurt loaf cake

yoghurt load cake
Image via Baking Queen 74

Although this recipe was originally written for redcurrants, it’s an adaptable loaf cake recipe that would respond well to the inclusion of or substitution with blackcurrants.

The addition of yoghurt gives a moist cake with an extra depth of flavour.

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Berry galette with spelt cinnamon pastry

mixed berry galette
Image via How to Cook Good Food

Pies can be a triumph of smart precision, or something a lot more rustic thrown together with more of a care for speed than exactness. But I don’t think that this means something made quickly with a “that’ll do” ethos needn’t taste great.

This rustic open topped pie is made with a mixture of berries, but just blackcurrants would be absolutely fine. And I love the idea of a nutty spelt flour and cinnamon pastry.

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Blueberry pierogi with cinnamon cream

blueberry pierogi with cinnamon cream
Image via Ren Behan

Pierogi are traditional Polish small dumplings, also known as pierożki, which are similar to Italian ravioli or Asian dumplings or gyoza.

Here, they’re made with an unleavened sweetened dough and filled with blueberries in the recipe, but again it’s a simple to substitute in the blackcurrants.

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Blackcurrant and apple steamed pudding

blackcurrant steamed pudding
Image via Fuss Free Flavours

This one is less a summer special, more of a way of enjoying the fruits of summer when it’s cold and wet outside, and there’s nothing more enticing than the idea of a warming steamed pudding.

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