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10 Preserve recipes to see you through the year

BY Karen Burns-Booth

1st Jan 2015 Recipes

10 Preserve recipes to see you through the year

Preserve the season with these delicious jam, jelly, chutney and pickle recipes. They'll see you through to next year and beyond and also make wonderful Christmas gifts. Here are our favourite preserve recipes. 

1. Shooting party chutney (green tomato chutney)

shooting party chutney
Image via Lavender and Lovage

If like me you have loads of green tomatoes in the garden, with no hope of ever ripening, then this vintage Farmer’s Weekly reader’s recipe for shooting party chutney is for you.

It's a sweet chutney with a bit of a kick, this is wonderful when served with salads, curries, cheese boards and charcuterie platters.



2. Spiced apple and rosehip jelly

spiced apple and rosehip jelly
Image via Foodie Quine

I remember picking rosehips for rosehip jelly and also rosehip syrup with my mum and my grandma.

This beautiful glowing preserve is great for colds and flu and also tastes great when added to sauces for roast lamb, ham and seasonal game dishes.



3. Figgy Christmas chutney

figgy christmas chutney
Image via The Veg Space

Here’s a wonderful Christmas chutney recipe, made with seasonal figs.

Chutney needs at least a month to mature, so now is the time to dig out your biggest saucepan, find some figs and get this chutney on the go in readiness for that Christmas cheeseboard!



4. Easy seedless raspberry jam

easy seedless raspberry jam
Image via Fab Food for All

The autumn variety of raspberry often has more flavour than the summer fruits. This lovely seedless raspberry jam (jelly) recipe is perfect for cakes, bakes and of course your breakfast toast.

It's a great option for those who are not keen on seeds in their jam.



5. Spiced runner bean pickle

spiced runner bean pickle
Image via Lavender and Lovage

Pickles are quintessential British preserves, and no festive cheeseboard or cold cuts platter would be seen without a jar of pickles next to it.

This old family recipe for runner bean pickle is perfect when you have a glut of runner beans and is very easy to make. It tastes similar to Piccalilli, but it slightly sweeter, and is also fabulous in cheese and pickle sandwiches.



6. Red bell pepper tomato chutney

red bell pepper tomato chutney
Image via Sandhya's Kitchen

This fabulous Indian recipe for red bell pepper tomato chutney is an easy and delicious vegan accompaniment to most South Indian delicacies.

Try it with lentil waffles, lentil pancakes, steamed rice cakes, Pongal and more. It also makes an excellent dip and sandwich spread too.



7. Damson jam

Damnson Jam
Image via Culinary Travels

Damsons are one of my favourite late autumn and winter fruits, and this lovely recipe for classic damson jam is fabulous when spread on toast or scones.

You can use it as you would any other conserve, but there is another great way to promote its talents—as a background flavour in a lovely autumn fruit crumble.



8. Grandad’s pickled red cabbage

grandad's pickled red cabbage
Image via Food Blog and the Dog

Pickled red cabbage is another British classic that sadly seems to have fallen out of favour but, when well-made, it is a thing of spiced, ruby-red beauty.

It's particularly brilliant when served with cheese, roast meat and boiled ham, as well as when added to stews and casseroles.



9. Quince and rosewater jelly and quince paste

quince and rosewater preserve
Image via BBC

I love quince, in all forms, and I am lucky enough to have a quince tree in my back garden.

These two recipes make good use of this ancient, fragrant and aromatic fruit and the jelly and the paste would make an excellent foodie gift for family and friends this festive period when added to a food hamper.



10. Traditional Greengage jam

traditional greengage jam

Greengage plums evoke memories of bread scented kitchens, warm log fires, giant cups of sweet, milky tea and my grandmother coaxing a batch of jam to setting point, before potting it in old heavy based jam jars with cellophane covers.

This recipe is based on my own grandmother's greengage jam recipe and is sure to be a winner.



Karen Burns-Booth is a freelance recipe developer, food and travel writer and is a member if the Guild of Food Writers. She writes for her own blog Lavender and Lovage.

You can follow Karen on InstagramTwitterFacebook, Pinterest and Google +

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