10 One-pot chicken dishes

Helen Best-Shaw 

Looking for a quick, easy and convenient supper? Try something new with our pick of the top ten chicken one-pot recipes from around the web

One-pot dishes are a real winner when it comes to preparing a family supper, maximising both taste and convenience. In particular, I really like recipes based around chicken because they’re so quick to cook—perfect for a weeknight meal. But rather than stick to a well-worn stable of old favourite recipes, why not try something new with one of the dishes below?


1. Roasted coriander chilli chicken thighs and potatoes

Image via The Flavours of Kitchen

We’re starting with a bit of heat here, with a baked chicken recipe that uses green chillies. I can imagine serving this with an accompanying cooling salad. Lots of coriander makes this a lovely fresh dish.  

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2. Chicken tenders with mushroom and pearl onions

Image via Grumpy's Honeybunch

Chicken and mushrooms are a classic combination, and adding onions adds a welcome hint of sweetness to the umami savoury-ness provided by the mushrooms. There's a touch of brandy, which lifts the dish from run-of-the-mill to the level of a real treat.

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3. Peruvian chicken and rice

Image via Beyond Mere Sustenance

Chicken and rice are another duo that have a long history, and with reason. Again coriander is used; chicken is so versatile when it comes to adding herbs. The rice cooks with the chicken in this recipe; the flavours mix and infuse during cooking.

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4. Harissa-roasted chicken

Image via The Flavours of Kitchen

We’re back to the heat, using harissa this time. This is a classic North African spice combination that’s easily available in most supermarkets, but you can also make your own, as is done here. It’s a staple of North African cooking, as are the chickpeas also used here.

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5. One-pot Brazilian chicken and rice

Image via Brazilian Flair in the USA

The Rio games this summer made me think of Brazilian cooking, so here’s an example: a one-pot chicken dish using turmeric. Fresh corn shows the link to South America, and oregano is the featured herb this time.

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6. Chicken tarragon pasta bake

Image via Kavey Eats

Pasta bakes might be a staple that most of us learn to cook early, but there’s a good reason for that: comforting, homely, filling, good value and really delicious. Here’s a chicken version, which uses parmesan and mustard to boost the flavours.

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7. Chicken chasseur

Image via What A Girl Eats

Time for a classic. Chicken, mushrooms, and bacon all cooked in a tomato and wine sauce; proper chicken chasseur, or hunter’s chicken. Just as good as your mother made it, and worth a revisit if it’s something that you’ve forgotten about.

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8. Baked tarragon chicken

Image via Caroline's Cooking

Tarragon, chicken, mustard and garlic—together with lemon juice—are baked together; the dish benefits from a spell marinating before its cooked. It’s just the sort of thing that works so well as leftovers, too, so cook extra and pop the surplus in the freezer ready for another time.

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9. Five-ingredient chicken

Image via Omnivore's Cookbook

This dish reflects Asian influences, with sake and soy sauce, and has some cayenne powder for a little heat. This can be substituted with paprika if you want a milder dish. The chicken skin looks so delicious: dark, spicy and crispy.

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10. Honey mustard chicken thighs

Image via Fuss Free Flavours

It’s the oven again, but this recipe is so quick and easy, using a ready-made honey mustard. The soy sauce adds umami, and the cooked lemon quarters provide some acidity to contrast with the sweeter honey sauce.

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