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10 Of the best tarts, quiches and open-top pies

BY Karen Burns-Booth

1st Jan 2015 Recipes

10 Of the best tarts, quiches and open-top pies

These classics make for a delicious, indulgent meal whether at home or on-the-go.

Who doesn’t love a pie or a pasty? They’re essential picnic foods as well as being handy for packed lunches.

And yet—to avoid the excesses of pastry bottoms and lids—tarts, quiches and open top pies are a tasty alternative. These sweet and savoury tarts are sure to tantalise your taste buds!


1. Wild garlic and blue Wensleydale tart

Wild garlic and blue Wensleydale tart
Image via Lavender and Lovage

A delightful seasonal tart that makes good use of wild garlic in the spring, and also uses blue Wensleydale cheese, which is fabulously creamy, crumbly and light in flavour. When wild garlic is not in season, just substitute spring onions and a couple of garlic cloves for a similar taste and flavour.


2. Plum and almond tart

Plum and almond tart
Image via Kitchen Sanctuary

Piles of juicy, ripe plums are layered on top of soft almond frangipane and encased with buttery-sweet pastry. Just pass the cream right now. Forget dessert, I want this for breakfast! It’s also perfectly portable and delicious served cold—so it’s great for picnics.

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3. Cheeseboard and chutney quiche

Cheeseboard and chutney quiche
Image via Kavey Eats

This quiche as a way to use up cheeseboard leftovers—all those little remnants that are too small to serve up on the next board but far too good to waste. There’s leftover chutney too, whether it’s homemade or a good-quality shop-bought one—but it’s so good that it’s worth making even if you don’t have any leftovers!


4. Apple rose tarts

Apple rose tarts
Image via Lavender and Lovage

These pretty little tarts are easy to make and would be perfect as an edible gift for any special occasion! This recipe makes between eight and ten tarts, and you can use low-fat puff pastry to make a healthier version if you wish. Use Pink Lady apples for the best colour.

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5. Creme Egg chocolate ganache tart

Creme Egg chocolate ganache tart
Image via Baking Queen 74

Creme Egg lovers rejoice! Try this ganache tart this Easter for a rich chocolatey treat! You may need to get back in the gym after eating this, but it’s definitely worth it!


6. Vegetable filo pastry tart

Vegetable filo pastry tart
Image via A Glug of Oil

Scrummy feta cheese with slightly crunchy vegetables in a creamy sauce, all encased in crispy filo pastry—what's not to like? This tart uses lower-fat filo pastry and any leftovers will make a great packed lunch the next day.

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7. Chocolate tart with cardamom, apricots and rose petals

Chocolate tart
Image via Easy Peasy Foodie

This chocolate tart is easy peasy, yet looks and tastes amazing. It’s perfect for whipping up when you have guests for dinner, taking to a party or just making on a random Tuesday evening, if you wish!


8. Gluten-free crustless quiche Lorraine

Gluten-free crustless quiche
Image via Lavender and Lovage

This has all the taste of an authentic quiche Lorraine, but without the pastry for gluten-free diners and weight watchers. It’s also very easy to make and only uses three main ingredients, of which eggs are one!


9. Raspberry and white chocolate tarts

Raspberry and white chocolate tarts
Image via The Crazy Kitchen

Making these couldn't be simpler, as they require zero cooking skills or effort. Only five ingredients are needed, including some handy ready-made puff pastry and fresh raspberries.


10. Gluten-free pastry galette with beetroot, onion and feta

Gluten-free pasty galette
Image via Natural Kitchen Adventures

These French-inspired open-top pies look and sound delectable! This recipe cleverly uses a seasonal glut of slow-cooked onions, grated beetroot and some greens for good measure. Top with feta for some creamy contrast, and serve with a seasonal green salad.


Karen Burns-Booth is a freelance recipe developer, food and travel writer and is a member of the Guild of Food Writers. She writes for her own blog Lavender and Lovage.

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