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10 Mouth-watering plum recipes

BY Helen Best-Shaw

1st Jan 2015 Recipes

10 Mouth-watering plum recipes

As a quintessentially British soft fruit, plums are best enjoyed eaten freshly plucked from the tree, when still warm from the sun. But if you need ideas on how to use up a glut here are 10 recipes using plums.

Plum, rocket and feta salad

plum, rocket and feta salad
Image via Lovely Appetite

Plums aren’t a common salad ingredient, but this combination of sweet plums, peppery rocket and salty feta is a winning combination. The balsamic based dressing is a perfect touch too.

These plums are roasted to bring out the best of their sweetness.



Pickled green plums

pickled green plums
Image via Family Friends Food

Pickling unripe plums is common across the Middle East, and they’re a great accompaniment to a salty cheese or some hummus.

They’re pickled in brine, with star anise and coriander seeds added to pep up the flavours.



Tkemali – Georgian plum sauce

Image via Happy Kitchen

You may not have heard of tkemali before. It’s a Georgian plum sauce from the Caucasus.

Billed in this recipe as an alternative to tomato ketchup, its combination of spices and herbs is delicious.

Again, it’s something that can be made with sour unripe plums as well as sweet ripe ones.



Spiced plum marzipan braid

spiced plum marzipan braid
Image via Domestic Gothess

As someone who knows a little of the endless quest for new and good looking photography backdrops, I like this blog post that starts with dismantling pallets and ends with a recipe for a spiced plum and marzipan braid loaf.

It’s a delicious looking loaf, and would go down particularly well a bit later in the year when there’s a bit of a chill to the air.



Gluten free plum clafoutis

gluten free plum calfoutis
Image via Healthy Seasonal Recipes

A clafoutis is a dessert of fruit—traditionally cherries—baked in a thick batter, and originates in the Limousin region of south central France.

This variation on the traditional recipe uses plums and almond flour. 'All purpose baking mix' is pre-mixed flour, salt, baking powder and soda, cream of tartar and milk and fat.

Recipes are easily available on the internet for those of us not in the USA.



Rice, plum and polenta upside down cake

rice plum and polenta upside down cake
Image via The Veg Space

The colours of this cake look so good, with the rich dark pinky-red of the plums arranged on the top of the cake.

Taking a bit of extra time and care at this stage would really pay dividends with the finished cake.



Plum chutney

plum chutney
Image via Kiipfit

This chutney would be a great way of using a glut of plums, for those who are lucky enough to have their own tree.

The spice and herb combination of cumin and fennel seeds and sage leaves with the plums makes for a delicious chutney.



Maple cinnamon glazed plum and blackberry sticky buns

maple cinnamon glazed plum
Image via Kavey Eats

This is a version of a Chelsea bun, but with the addition of maple syrup for a Canadian flavour.

The combination of sugar and spice is always a favourite, and the nutmeg and cinnamon works brilliantly with the plums used here as a British replacement for blueberries.



Purple power juice

purple power juice

After so much indulgence, it’s time for something a little healthier. This juice is bursting with flavour, and purple-ness as it’s packed with beetroot, plums, fig and blackberries. 

A little ginger adds a hint of heat to the mix.



Perfect plum puffs

perfect plum puffs

I would call these plum turnovers and a lovely change from the ubiquitous apple variety.

I think you would need a bit of care when eating them, as there’s a danger of some of the plum sauce oozing out. Ah, well, such are the dangers of indulgence!

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