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10 Hydrating non-alcoholic drinks for summer

BY Helen Best-Shaw

1st Jan 2015 Recipes

10 Hydrating non-alcoholic drinks for summer

Sunnier weather brings the prospect of time outside enjoying something long, cool and refreshing. When you want something non-alcoholic—but more interesting than elderflower cordial or cucumber water—here are ten suggestions to help keep you cool during the hottest days. Roll on the summer! 

1. Healthy cold-brewed green iced tea

Image via Fuss Free Flavours

A bit of planning is required here for this recipe, but it’s more a question of time rather than effort—just let the tea slowly infuse into cold water overnight. Vegetable and fruit juices add natural sweetness and a vibrant colour.


2. Blackberry ginger mocktail

Image via The Worktop

Ginger, honey and lemon are a classic combination that work well made with either hot water as a spicy hot toddy, or simply left cold as in this recipe. This does call for the quick and easy choice of a can of ginger ale, but also uses blackberries for more flavour. 

Get the recipe for blackberry ginger mocktail


3. Blood orange and thyme spa water

Image via Blommi

I love blood oranges, with the red blush on the skin of the orange hinting at the sweetness inside. I far prefer them to regular oranges; it’s such a shame the season is so short. Catch the end of it with this recipe blending sweet slices with an extra herbal flavour from thyme.


4. Homemade lemon and limeade

Image via Recipes Made Easy

A classic now: proper, cloudy lemonade, of the “when life gives you lemons” variety. The great thing about making it yourself is that you can adjust the sweetness to your preference: I go for less sugar than you find in commercial varieties, as I prefer a little edge of citrus sourness.

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5. Non-alcoholic mojito

Image via Fab Food 4 All

A proper mocktail: a non-alcoholic reworking of the barman’s mint classic. Here, mint, apple juice and elderflower cordial combine with soda water to give you all the flavor—without resorting to the rum bottle. 

Get the recipe for non-alcoholic mojito


6. Mexican watermelon-jalapeno agua fresca

Image via Chef de Home

Sweet watermelons are so juicy that it’s not much of a stretch to go from eating one to using it as the basis for a drink. Also, when dealing with a whole or half watermelon, having a couple of extra ideas is no bad thing. This recipe combines watermelon with lime juice, jalapeno for a chili kick and agave syrup for a little bit more sweetness.


7. Kiwi and mint-infused water recipe

Image via Happy Foods Tube

Infusing with herbs, fruits and vegetables is a great way of adding a little extra interest to just another glass of water. This recipe uses kiwi fruit and mint, but also includes some great tips for other combinations.


8. Good Morning Sunburst: the orange juice brunch mocktail

Image via The Worktop

This layered mocktail, with a ruby red grenadine layer at the bottom of the drink, is perfect for brunch on a sunny day. I can just imagine sitting outside with a plate of French toast and bacon accompanied by this sophisticated drink.


9. Four-ingredient ice strawberry slush

Image via Watch What U Eat

Something a little bit less serious now. A sweet strawberry slush all ready to be drunk through the most colourful straw you can find. Don’t over blend it: you want a slushy and gritty rather than smooth texture.


10. Shikanjvi Indian lemonade

Image via Herbivore Cucina

We finish with a traditional spiced lemonade, found in North India and Pakistan. You can buy jaljeera powder online, or from a South Asian supermarket, or easily find a recipe and make your own. Make the drink with either plain water or soda, depending on which side of the “still or sparkling” divide you sit.

Get the recipe for Shikanjvi Indian lemonade

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