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10 Homemade Sweet Treats

10 Homemade Sweet Treats

10 impressive desserts and sweet treats you can make at home.

After Eight Cake


A two layer moist chocolate cake sandwiched with peppermint frosting and topped with chocolate frosting, sprinkles and after eight mints.

Get the recipe here: Tinned Tomatoes


Mini Pink Glazed Doughnuts


Small doughnuts baked in a silicone mini doughnut pan, dipped in several shades of pink icing and finished off with sprinkles. Much healthier than fried doughnuts, but still very much a treat.

Get the recipe here: Maison Cupcake 


Vanilla Cupcakes with Clotted Cream and Raspberry Jam


Simple vanilla cupcakes, cored out and filled with clotted cream and jam then topped with vanilla flavoured whipped cream and  a raspberry. These are more a dessert than a cake.

Get the recipe here: Tinned Tomatoes


Nutella Swirl Loaf


An easy swirled loaf cake topped with a generous layer of Nutella and toasted hazelnuts. If you need an easy cake that will impress, this is it!

Get the recipe here: Taming Twins


Salted Fluffer Cupcake Cones


These are something a bit special. Ice cream cones with a layer of chocolate chips at the base, topped with vanilla sponge, then marshmallow frosting instead of ice cream, a layer of salted caramel and then dipped in chocolate. Fabulous!

Get the recipe here: Cakeyboi


Snickers Cheesecake Loaf


Have you seen anything like that before? A chocolate, biscuity base topped with a baked cheesecake filled with chunks of snickers, a fudgey top layer all finished of with a drizzle of toffee and a scattering of peanuts.

Get the recipe here: Tinned Tomatoes


Rainbow Bundt Cake


A surprisingly easy rainbow bundt cake with very clear instructions. You start by weighing your eggs and using the same weight of flour, sugar and butter. You can't go wrong, although make sure to use food colouring paste and not iquid which could taint the flavour and give you very lack lustre colours.

Get the recipe here: The Crafty Larder


Trifle Cupcakes


A bit like the ealier cupcakes. These are vanilla cupcakes, cored out and filled with a raspberry, some jelly, a layer of custard and then whipped cream and a crumbled cake. Who could resist?

Get the recipe here: Cakeyboi


Triple Chocolate Doughnuts with Sprinkles (dairy free)


These doughnuts are bigger, but they are also baked. This time we have dairy free doughnuts. A chocolate cake batter with chocolate chips, topped with melted chocolate and sprinkles.

Get the recipe here: Tinned Tomatoes


Creme Egg Cheesecake


Creme eggs don't have to be for Easter. Let's face it, they appear in the shops as soon as Christmas is over, so we may as well enjoy them.  The creme eggs top a simple chilled cheesecake with the tang of lemon, topped with drizzles of chocolate and halved creme eggs. A real show stopper.

Get the recipe here: Taming Twins


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