10 Homemade iced treats to keep you cool this summer

Jacqueline Meldrum 

There’s so much choice for ice cream and ice lollies in supermarkets now it can often be difficult to choose, but there’s still something special about homemade iced treats. Here 10 of our favourite homemade recipes for iced treats. 

Frozen espresso, banana and chocolate ice lollies

rozen Espresso, Banana and Chocolate Ice Lollies at Feeding Boys
Image via Feeding Boys

These layered ice lollies are very easy to make and are definitely not for children.

The recipe starts with ready-made custard (although you could make your own), which is flavoured with melted chocolate for the bottom layer and espresso for the top layer, with slices of banana added for interest.

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Mint choc chip ice cream

mint choc chip ice cream
Image via Katie Cakes

This classic ice cream is a firm favourite with most of us. This one is made with fresh mint and instead of adding chocolate chips you melt good quality dark chocolate and drizzle it over the ice cream towards the end of freezing. 

You will be amazed how good this tastes with fresh mint instead of flavourings.

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Cucumber, elderflower and mint iced pops

cucumber lollipops
Image via Fuss Free Flavours

Cooling cucumber is paired with the floral flavour of elderflower and the zingy flavour of mint to make these exceptionally gorgeous iced lollies. 

They’re simple to make and the only ingredients are fresh cucumber, elderflower cordial and fresh mint. Nothing else, not an additive in sight and no added sugar.

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Raspberry coconut ice cream

raspeberry coconut
Image via Vegan Family Recipes

A luxurious raspberry ice cream made with coconut milk instead of the more traditional custard base, which gives it that wonderful richness without the dairy.

This one is no-churn too, so you don’t need an ice cream maker or have to remember to take it out of the fridge to mix it every few hours.

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Strawberry matcha popsicles

strawberry popsicles
Image via Vegan Family Recipes

Fresh strawberries are the base for these ice lollies or if you prefer the American term, popsicles. The secret added ingredient that gives them the beautiful green colour is matcha powder. 

Matcha is a superfood and said to improve your mood, memory and concentration as well as being full of antioxidants and great for your metabolism.

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Mint matcha ice cream

Image via Sunny Little Kitchen 

Matcha again, but this time used to flavour an ice cream. The ceremonial grade matcha in this recipe is from Kyoto in Japan and flavoured with mint, so this time, the vibrant green colour is matched by a fresh minty flavour.

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Creamy chia raspberry popsicles

chia raspberry popsicles
Image via Vegan Family Recipes

Chia seeds have been a big trend over the last couple of years. They’ve been hailed as a wonder food and are so easy to add to drinks and desserts.

White chia seeds are soaked in water for 15 minutes to make a thick gel which is the base for these pops. They are flavoured with raspberries, almond milk and dates for a super healthy treat.

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Mango sorbet

mango sorbet
Image via Sandhya's Kitchen

Sorbets are the perfect frozen treat if you’re watching your weight (aren’t we all now summer is here and we’re wearing fewer layers) or following a dairy-free diet. 

This sorbet has the wonderful tropical flavour of mango. Just whizz it up, freeze it overnight and you have the most heavenly treat the next day

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Bloody Mary sorbet

bloody mary sorbet
Image via Foodie Quine

This one is truly an adult-only delight. A timeless cocktail in frozen form with the flavours of tomato, pepper, cucumber, vodka and tobacco sauce for an added kick.

You’ll love this, but don’t have too many scoops if you’re driving!

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Chocolate coconut mango mousse ice lollies

chocolate coconut mango mousse ice lollies
Image via Farmersgirl Cook

These lollies are made with the traditional custard base (shop bought, but you can make your own) and mango puree.

The ingredients are whizzed up until smooth, then frozen in old fashioned lolly moulds before they are dipped in melted chocolate and coconut flakes.

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