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10 Easy one-pot meals


1st Jan 2015 Recipes

10 Easy one-pot meals

We all love an easy recipe. When evening comes and we’re tired, making dinner can seem daunting. We want a satisfying meal, but we don’t want to be in the kitchen for hours. This is when one-pot recipes save the day. 

Roast vegetable, veggie sausage and chickpea bake

roast veggie bake 
Image via Tinned Tomatoes

This is a really satisfying dish of veggie sausages and roast vegetables in a rich tomato sauce.

The sausages and vegetables are roasted before the rest of ingredients are added.

You can switch the sausages for whatever your favourite variety is.


Easy blender tortilla soup

easy blender tortilla soup
Image via Smarter Fitter

Travel to Mexico with this rather special tortilla soup.

It’s cooked in a blender rather than a pan, so it’s super quick and full of flavour.

The garnishes are all fresh and don’t need to be cooked either.


Slow-cooked Borlotti bean chilli

slow cooked borlotti bean chilli
Image via The Veg Space

This tasty chilli can be made in a deep pan or a slow cooker. Either way, you can walk away and leave it to cook gently while you do other things.

Make a full batch and freeze what you don’t need for quick weeknight meals.


White bean stew with winter squash and kale

white bean stew with winter squash and kale
Image via Fat Free Vegan

Stew is perfect winter comfort food and this white bean stew is easy to make and super healthy too. 

The beans in this recipe are soaked overnight but for convenience, you could use tinned beans.

The recipe gives instructions for both slow-cooker and pot cooking.


One pot penne pasta with tomato and basil

one pot penne pasta with tomato and basil
Image via The Little Kitchen

One-pot pasta dishes are all the rage just now.

It’s not about cooking the pasta, draining it and adding the ingredients or sauce. You actually add the ingredients while cooking and cook the pasta in less liquid, so the ingredients make the sauce.

This is a simple one to start with, featuring the classic flavours of tomato and basil.


Hearty chickpea and sweet potato stew

hearty chickpea and sweet potato stew
Image via Tinned Tomatoes 

This tomato based stew is a firm favourite. It’s lightly spiced and full of vegetables as well as chickpeas.

It’s one of those recipes that tastes even better the next night, so you're set for leftovers.


Spicy lemon chickpea casserole

spicy lemon chickpea casserole
Image via Fuss Free Flavours

This is a really easy casserole that can be changed each time you make it by using different herbs and spices. 

The tomatoes and chickpeas are joined by spinach in this speedy dish.


Slow cooker brown rice Mexican bowl

slow cooker brown rice mexican bowl
Image via Kalyn's Kitchen

This slow cooker recipe is a rice dish with a Mexican twist.

Rather than sauce, this one pot meal is all about the vegetables and beans mixed through it, and the tasty topping of Poblano-avocado salsa.

Serve this as a main meal and forget about the tortillas.


One-pot shawarma-spiced sweet potatoes, cauliflower and chickpeas

One pot shawarma spiced sweet potatoes

The vegetables are the star of the show in this one-pot delight.

The flavours are Middle Eastern and it’s full of warm spices for a really comforting meal. 


One-pot spaghetti with vegetables

one-pot spaghetti with vegetables
Image via Vegan Heaven

Another one-pot pasta dish but this one is overflowing with vegetables that are also thrown in with the pasta to cook, this time the pasta is spaghetti.

To give it extra flavour this one is cooked in vegetable stock instead of water, which is a great tip. It really perks up the final dish.


Jacqueline Meldrum is a freelance food writer and recipe developer. Jacqueline blogs at Tinned Tomatoes.

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