10 Delicious ways with melted cheese

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Comfort foods don't often come more indulgent—or more delicious—than melted cheese. These ten dishes offer all sorts of combinations to take you right into melted–cheese–heaven. Dig in!

Baked gnocchi with sage and cheese sauce

Image via Culinary Ginger

Gnocchi dishes only need three ingredients and are very easy to make, but of course you can buy it ready-made too. 

Serve baked and smothered in a richly flavoured cheese sauce.

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Baked Camembert with pear and walnuts

Image via The Brooklyn Cook 

An oozy gooey baked Camembert is always a crowd pleaser, and the ideal romantic dish when served for two. 

This one is topped with pear, walnuts and honey. Serve with bread, or a few crudities.

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Welsh rarebit

Welsh rarebit
Image via Krumpli

I think that Welsh rarebit is the ultimate cheese on toast, and such a classic British dish. 

Mature cheddar, Worcestershire sauce and mustard are the key ingredients, all mixed together and toasted on a slice of good bread.

Top it with a fried or poached egg to make it a complete meal. Perfect for Sunday supper.

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Gratin dauphinoise

Gratin dauphinois
Image via Mon Petit Four

Gratin dauphinoise is the classic French way to serve potatoes. An indulgent dish of layered sliced potatoes cooked in cream and melted Gruyere. 

The potatoes should be crispy on the top and soft on the inside. A perfect leave–it–to–cook dinner party dish.

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Brie and prosciutto Panini with fig jam and caramelized onions

brie and prosciutto panini
Image via What a Girl Eats

You really cannot beat a really good cheese toastie. This is the classic cheese and ham combination moved up several notches. 

Melted brie, Italian prosciutto, fruity fig jam and sweet caramelised onions make this toastie a special occasion.

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Cheesy Tarka dal

Cheesy tarka dal
Image via Fuss Free Flavours

A bowl of gently spiced dal is frugal, comforting, warming as well as endlessly adaptable. 

It’s the Indian version of chicken soup for dark cold evenings and is just the ticket for warding off a cold. 

This version is topped with caramelised onions and melted cheese. 

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Baked pasta with ricotta and spinach

baked pasta with ricotta and spinach
Image via Living Sweet Moments

A pasta bake is a perfect family meal as it can be prepared ahead of time then baked in under half an hour for dinner. 

This version contains tomatoes and spinach and is covered with two types of cheese. Double the taste.

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Cheesy chicken pasta served in a bread bowl

cheesy chicken pasta served in a bread bowl
Image via Our Mini Family

A different way to serve your pasta is in an edible bread bowl like this cheesy pasta with chicken.

Try this in individual rolls for a casual supper.

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Cheesy cauliflower soup

cheesy cauliflower soup
Image via Gather for Bread

This delicious cheesy soup offers a clever twist on cauliflower cheese. 

Simply make your soup, serve in ovenproof bowls, top with cheese and grill until the cheese is melted.

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Spinach and sweetcorn cheese dip

baked pasta with ricotta and spinach
Image via Fearless Dining

Dive into this dish of spinach, sweetcorn and creamy cheese hot dip. 

Serve with crudities if you want to pretend to be healthy. Perfect fodder for Saturday nights in front of the TV.  

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