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10 delicious recipes from canned foods

BY Helen Best-Shaw

15th Nov 2021 Recipes

10 delicious recipes from canned foods

Quick and easy are words that can be overused when it comes to recipes, but they truly ring true in this case. Check out these tastebud tinglers 

I have to admit—I’m far from averse to popping open the occasional can, from a tin of soup for a quick lunch, to enjoying old school baked beans on toast as a memory-inducing treat. However, there is such a huge range of canned foods available, I frequently also use them in my cooking.

In my view a well-stocked pantry should be brimming with a range of canned foods—there is so much more than baked beans and tomatoes. Among others I keep fish (tuna, sardines, anchovies and mackerel), beans, pulses and lentils, fruit, coconut milk, olives, ready fried onions and condensed milk. Generally affordable and long lasting—what’s not to love?

Here are ten delicious recipes using canned foods as one or more of the main ingredients to inspire you to fill your pantry.

A hearty five-bean chilli is the perfect store cupboard dinner. Healthy, rich and full of flavour, it’s perfect for colder days. Serve on its own, heaped onto a baked potato, or with rice.

This delicious chilli is easy to make and comes together quickly as it uses tinned beans. Substitute your favourite!

Smoked mackerel pate is so simple, easy to scale up (or down) and great for all kinds of situations. It works as a starter plated elegantly with melba toast; as a dips and spreads for an informal gathering; delicious as a sandwich filling or on a jacket potato.

To add a little Japanese flavour, this recipe uses wasabi rather than horseradish. Simple and delicious.

Soft and moist, these pumpkin banana muffins capture the flavours of autumn!

A simple pumpkin spice streusel topping adds a sweet, spicy crunch. The muffins are tender, buttery, and not overly sweet, made with canned pumpkin.

This vegan canned chickpea curry (or garbanzo bean curry) with spinach recipe can be ready in half an hour.

A go-to chole (chickpea curry) recipe is a must-have for anyone who likes Indian food. The recipe uses canned tomato sauce and canned chickpeas which minimises the prep time.

Shoyu sugar glazed slice of spam nestled between two blocks of warm sticky white rice wrapped in crunchy nori makes for THE ultimate grab and go lunch.

This is sushi, but not as you’ve ever known it before! This dish originates from Hawaii, where the long shelf life and no need for a fridge of Spam has made it central to the local cuisine.

This Shrimp Dip with canned shrimp literally takes ten minutes, hands-on time! Great for summer parties, or any occasion when you need an easy appetizer! Added bonus? Everyone loves this dip!

This quick bread is packed with pumpkin, cranberries and spices for a real autumnal treat.

This is a quick bread, that uses baking powder and bicarbonate of soda to rise; it makes two loaves so after baking you can eat one now and freeze one for later.

This creamy and easy lentil curry is made with canned lentils, canned pumpkin, and canned coconut milk. Quick and filling, this plant-based lentil curry is an easy and tasty meal option for a hectic schedule.

This mackerel patties recipe is simple, tasty and works every time. I love using canned mackerel in my recipes because of its versatility, flavour and impressive nutrient profile.

I often just have canned fish on toast for lunch, but this recipe goes a little further to make things more interesting. I can imagine adding a handful of herbs such as dill or parsley to add another flavour.

This easy gazpacho recipe uses canned tomatoes and takes just five minutes to make.

This delicious chilled soup is adaptable and impressive. The neat trick to tame the garlic and onion means you can enjoy all the flavour without overpowering anyone near who gets close!

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