10 Delicious recipes for al fresco dining

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From decadent sweets and desserts to succulent burgers, grilled scallops and sensational salads, there’s sure to be something in this list from Karen Burns-Booth that will galvanise you to dust off the barbecue and the garden furniture.

Barbecue gorgonzola stuffed pork steaks

Barbecue gorgonzola stuffed pork steaks
Image via County Wood Smoke

This recipe for barbecue gorgonzola stuffed pork steaks is just the sort of dish that would be the star of a weekend barbecue or al fresco gathering.

Good old butcher's pork steaks are often overlooked on the barbecue in favour of their beefy relatives, but this recipe goes to prove they can be just as succulent, and make a very special dish.

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Barbecue waffle s'mores

barbeue waffle smores
Image via Foodie Quine

Barbecues are not just for meaty delights. This recipe dishes up a classic American recipe with a few tweaks.

Toasted marshmallows are added to waffles which are then drizzled in chocolate sauce and served with ice cream—lush. 

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Quinoa with roasted butternut

quinoa with roasted butternut
Image via A Glug of Oil

All al fresco dining requires a few tasty side dishes and accompaniments, and this quinoa dish with roasted butternut looks and sounds delightful, as well as being super healthy.

Quinoa is a complete protein, unlike wheat or rice, and contains all eight of the essential amino acids. So as well as looking and tasting good, this recipe does your body good too.

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Western bacon burgers with barbecue mayo

western bacon burger
Image via Le Creme de la Crumb

No summer dining, and especially no barbecue, would be complete without a burger and this recipe is the creme de la creme of all indulgent burgers.

Carefully seasoned spiced minced beef is cooked over the coals with bacon, and is served with avocado, cheese, spicy mayonnaise and the most delectable looking crispy onion strings.

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Oven baked barbecue pork belly slices

oven baked barbecue pork belly slices
Image via Lavender and Lovage

These oven baked barbecue pork belly slices are perfect for when the weather is not playing ball. 

You can bake these pork belly slices in the oven, as well as cook them on the barbecue, when the sun is out. Served with home-made celeriac coleslaw and some baked spuds with British butter.

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Barbecue scallops in bacon

barbecue scallops in bacon
Image via Hedgecombers

Fish and seafood is also perfect for al fresco cooking and especially over coals or wood.

This is a wonderful way to cook juicy scallops on the barbecue. Protect them by wrapping bacon around them, so they they don’t dry out, which keeps them succulent and moist.

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Charred barbecue chicory with honey and blue cheese

charred bbq chicory with honey and blue cheese
Image via County Wood Smoke 

Here’s another wonderful recipe for a barbecued side dish, which can be cooked beside all the sausages, bangers or meat on the barbie.

Delicious fresh chicory is cooked over the coals before being dressed with honey and blue cheese. This would make a great veggie main meal when served with salad and crusty bread, as well as being a fabulous accompaniment.

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Roasted red pepper and tomato tapenade topped barbecue cod 

roasted cod
Image via Lavender and Lovage

A fabulous fish recipe with the sunny flavours of the Provence. Wild Scottish cod steaks or fillets are simply barbecued with a robust roasted red pepper and sun-dried tomato tapenade topping.

The cod can be roasted in the oven when barbecue season has finished or the weather is bad, making it a very well behaved recipe.

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Creamy new potato salad

potato salad
Image via Love Potatoes

The perfect accompaniment for any al fresco dinner occasion is a big bowl of potato salad, and this recipe ticks all the boxes for taste and texture.

Using British new potatoes, the spuds are all bound up in a low fat creme fraiche and mayonnaise dressing, with red onions and tangy capers for extra taste.

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Decadent strawberry meringue ice-cream cake

decadent strawberry meringue ice cream cake
Image via Country Living

To finish this list of delicious recipes that can be enjoyed al fresco, here’s a fabulous summery show-stopper. This decadent strawberry meringue ice-cream cake is crisp and feather light.

Bought meringues are sandwiched together with ice cream and fresh strawberries for a truly divine cake that is sure to get all your family and friend’s approval.

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