10 Cooling chilled soup recipes

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Forget slaving over a hot oven or hob or sitting down to a plate of hot food when the weather is fine. Why not go for the cool option with a chilled soup? Here are 10 delicious variations to choose from.

Koldskål (Danish buttermilk dessert soup)

Image via Spice in the City

This traditional Danish dessert of cool buttermilk, flavoured with vanilla and lemon zest is a light but refreshing change.

Serve with the traditional accompaniment of kammerjunker biscuits or add your own favourite berries.your own favourite berries.

Get the koldskål soup recipe from Spice in the City


Olive oil and white garlic soup

white garlic soup
Image via Cilantro and Citronella

This Spanish cold soup isn’t quite what it sounds like. Yes, it is garlicky but it’s primarily an almond soup thickened with bread.

The peppery garnish of olive oil ice cream made with coconut oil complements the garlic and almonds.

Get the olive oil and white garlic soup recipe from Cilantro and Citronella 


Honeydew soup with crab and avocado

honeydew soup
Image via Tasting Page

The sweetness of honeydew melons works so well in a chilled soup, and this recipe is simplicity itself.

What could be more summery than cool, sweet melon, rich crab meat and creamy avocado?

Get the honeydew soup with crab and avocado recipe from Tasting Page


Khiyar bi laban (cucumbers in yoghurt soup)

cucumber yoghurt
Image via Recipe Nomad

Lebanese strained yoghurt is diluted and flavoured with garlic and mint before cucumber is added for a cooling effect; like a thinner version of tzatziki. It’s a popular combination in the eastern Mediterranean.

Get the khiyar bi laban recipe from Recipe Nomad


Chodnik cold Polish beetroot soup

chodnik polish beetroot soup
Image via Happiness and Homemade

No collection of cold soup would be complete without a cold beetroot soup such as chlodnik or borscht, served traditionally with dill and hard-boiled eggs.

It’s another rich but cooling soup made with yoghurt, kefir or soured cream.

Get the chodnik cold Polish beetroot soup recipe from Happiness is Homemade


Chilled cucumber soup

cucumber soup
Image via Garlic and Zest

A vegan option now, using silken tofu rather than a dairy base.

This soup contrasts the spicy heat of a pico de gallo garnish made with jalapeno peppers with cooling cucumber flavours.

Get the chilled cucumber soup recipe from Garlic and Zest


Chilled beetroot, watermelon and tomato soup

beetroot soup
Image via Happy and Harried

Another beetroot based cold soup, this time combining the sweetness of beetroot, watermelon and tomato.

These three reds combine to make a really eye-popping bowl of refreshment.

Get the chilled beetroot, watermelon and tomato soup recipe from Happy and Harried


Brazilian strawberry soup with mint and a coconut cream drizzle

strawberry soup
Image via Sons 'r' Us

Another dessert soup, this time embracing the richness of coconut cream.

Strawberries and mint are a classic combination, and this recipe adds an extra layer of flavour with vanilla and cinnamon.

Get the Brazilian strawberry soup recipe from 4 Sons 'r' Us


Fruity green gazpacho

fruity green gazpacho
Image via Farm Fresh Feasts

Not a tomato gazpacho as we would normally think, but a yellow pepper, celery, cucumber and grape combination that uses these juicy vegetables and fruit juices without any added water.

Get the fruity green gazpacho recipe from Farm Fresh Feasts


Gazpacho with balsamic caviar

caviar soup
Image via Cilantro and Citronella

This is one for when you’re feeling adventurous and up for a challenge.

Enjoy a tomato-rich classic gazpacho, but with an added twist of caviar-like grains of balsamic vinegar, made with agar-agar gelling agent.

Get the gazpacho with balsamic caviar recipe from Cilantro and Citronella


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