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Tips on how to become a vegan for the meatlover


16th May 2019 Recipes

Tips on how to become a vegan for the meatlover

Becoming vegan is now looked at more than just a trend, it’s a lifestyle. Being a mindful eater has many science-based health benefits, but it isn’t easy for everyone to convert to the plant-based diet. If you’re thinking about becoming vegan but feel that you aren’t able to drop your meat that hasty then here are Yumbles’ top tips that could help you.

Have good reasons

If your heart’s not in it, you will struggle to withstand a diet that is a complete change to what you’re used to. Before you commit to becoming vegan make sure you’re fully clear on the reasons you want to do it. Knowing why you’re doing it will give you that motivation to stick it out and really try.

Start small

Dropping meat all together from day one may work for you, but that method isn’t for everyone. Start small, by having ‘meatless Mondays’ or dropping red meat first then after a few weeks cut out chicken and pork and then eventually once you feel settled with that, take the plunge and cut meat out completely. This is an effective introduction to living the meat free life and could work perfectly for you.

Find good recipes 

Preparation is key, to help you maintain a good, nutritional diet you need to be organised and enticed to stay on track. Find good recipes that you will enjoy and be experimental to really test your taste buds, you never know what dishes you could across that you end up loving. There are so many alternatives on the market that you can use if you feel you’re really missing the meat. Try adding tofu, quorn or even mushrooms as a substitute.

Tell friends and family

Informing your close ones that you are becoming vegan is an important element for when you are doing the transition. Having support whenever you can will certainly make the process easier for you, as they will be able to cater to your diet if you go round for dinner or even when it comes to buying presents. There are a great range of vegan gifts from Yumbles that would be really useful for when a special occasion comes along. 

Eating your protein 

 It can be quite a concern that when you cut out eating meat that you lose out on your intake of protein, however that doesn’t need to be the case. Many foods you will be eating such as vegetables, grains, beans, nuts, soy protein contain adequate amounts of protein, so your body won’t be going without. Unless you do a lot of exercise or an athlete where the amount of protein you need to be eating is high, you should be able to consume the recommended intake for the average adult.

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