The World's Most Unusual Restaurants

Kayabukiya Tavern

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Market 17

This intriguing restaurant in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is special because of just one room in the building. Market 17 has a special "dining in the dark" room, in which you'll eat a blind tasting menu in complete darkness. The aim of the menu in this place is to excite senses other than sight when it comes to food, and it really seems to do the trick - it's a very popular venue!

Dinner in the Sky

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This concept has no fixed location. Dinner in the Sky is run by two guys who have a passion for gastronomy, so much so that they took it into the sky! If you want to dine in the sky with your legs hanging down towards the ground, keep a keen eye on their website or subscribe to their updates, that's where all the information on upcoming events is.

The Wieners Circle

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This is another place that isn't quite a restaurant, but in fact a hot dog stand in Lincoln Park, Chicago, Illinois. The reason this little stall is so famous is for a very bizarre reason: it's renowned worldwide for the hurling of verbal abuse between customers and staff! Another restaurant that is also well known for this - also in the USA - is a place called Dick's Last Resort. We can't help but draw a slight comparison between their names!

El Diablo

For the thrill seekers out there, El Diablo is probably a pretty exciting prospect. The chefs at this restaurant use the heat from an active volcano for their cooking! You'll find it on Lanzarote, the Spanish island. Visit at your own risk!

Fritz's Railroad Restaurant

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You'll find Fritz's in Kansas in the US, and if you're looking for an unusual but child-friendly restaurant, you might just have met your match. At this restaurant, you won't have waiting staff but your food will be brought to you on a giant train set!