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Vinotyping: Find your perfect wine match

BY Rachel Walker

1st Jan 2015 Drinks

Vinotyping: Find your perfect wine match

There’s a certain romance in tailoring a meal to your loved one’s tastes. As well as cooking their favourite foods, why not pair a romantic dinner with a bottle of wine you know they’ll love too? 

What is vinotyping?

wine vinotyping

If you're not sure where to start, then look no further than the concept of 'vinotyping,' pioneered by Master of Wine Tim Hanni. He argues that everyone perceives tastes differently, so what one person finds delicious, another won't like at all.

What's interesting is how Hanni's theory undermines the way we currently buy wines, which is often based around expert guidance or shop recommendations.

For example, if a wine connoisseur were to recommend a bold merlot, it's only relevant to someone who enjoys big reds, but wasted on someone with a more sensitive or sweet palate.


What is your vinotype?


Hanni has come up with a solution. He's created a quiz to help people work out which 'vinotype' they are, so they can buy wine accordingly. It asks participants simple questions: how they take their coffee, whether they like spicy foods, if they drink whisky etc.

Then the answers split them into one of four 'personas': tolerant, sensitive, hypersensitive and sweet. Hanni argues that these personas dictate the types of wine the respondents will like, and should explore.

For example, tolerant vinotypes will enjoy big bold reds like Malbec, while hypersensitive vinotypes will prefer sweeter wines, like a Riesling.

All that remains is to put on your detective cap to work out how your loved ones would answer the quiz, and surprise them with a bottle of wine they'll really love… 

Here's our vinotyping advice:

Tolerant: Fans of bold reds should look to countries like Portugal and Argentina.

Sensitive: This category contains the most adventurous drinkers, who'll enjoy anything from a Voignier to Cabernet Sauvignon. A Pinot Noir will be delicious with spaghetti arrabbiata.

Hyper-sensitive: Dry or off-dry whites will woo hypersensitive drinkers. Chenin Blanc and Pinot Grigot are good bets.

Sweet: Sweet vinotypes are least likely to enjoy drinking wine, after being put-off by high-alcohol, tannic reds. Try giving it another chance by sipping a chilled Sauternes or a Riesling. 

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