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Malbec: Argentina's signature wine


1st Jan 2015 Drinks

Malbec: Argentina's signature wine

Argentinian wines are often overlooked. Here's why you need to sample the malbec. 

"Everybody talks about wine in Argentina all the time,” laughs Aurelio Montes Jnr, who left his family’s Chilean vineyards to start his own company in Mendoza—a renowned wine-growing region in neighbouring Argentina. 

Aurelio Montes wine vineyard

The history of Chilean and Argentinean wine production couldn’t be more different. Steady Chilean companies have long dominated the South American market. Meanwhile, Argentina produces five times the amount of wine—but until recently, exported hardly any. 

“The arrival of big beer brands is what shook up the market,” explains Montes. Suddenly Pilsner provided another option, and the next generation of wine-drinkers was no longer guaranteed. Winemakers were forced to up their game.