Great Christmas coffee cocktails to keep you warm

A coffee cocktail is the perfect winter warmer, whether you’re outdoors, strolling through a wintery Christmas market as the snow softly falls, or perhaps you’re tucked up somewhere cosy in front of a roaring fire. 

It’s time to relax as we’ve done the hard work for you, searching out the 5 most delicious coffee cocktail recipes for you to try, all simple seasonal recipes, some may be familiar and others something new to try this year.  There’s something for every palette and not to worry if you’re avoiding caffeine or alcohol, you can swap the ingredients for decaf or non-alcoholic options.  It’s certainly worth knowing how much caffeine is in a cup of coffee if you don’t want to be awake all night after your delicious drink! Check out this article:

Cocktail 1 - Irish Coffee

Brew your perfect cup of coffee, add a measure of whisky and then, just as Mary Poppins instructs, a spoonful of sugar.  Mix together in the cup, and then top with whipped cream.  If you want to go the extra mile you can whip the cream yourself - a great way to impress your VIP guests this winter.

Cocktail 2 - Carajillo

This is Mexican style boozy coffee, made with Licor 43, and can be served hot or cold.  First, a measure of Licor 43 is poured into a mug with sugared rim if serving hot, then it’s topped up with espresso.  Licor 43 is a Spanish liquor made of 43 ingredients with a sweet, light creamy and refreshing taste, a great partner for coffee.  Alternatively, ‘Mexican Coffee’ can be made with a measure of Kalua and a half measure of Tequila for a real kick in your coffee cup.

Cocktail 3 - Boozy Mocha

One for the chocoholics, this is a great after-dinner treat!  Make yourself a half hot chocolate, half coffee mix and then add a splash of whiskey cream.  For more indulgence, add whipped cream and grate dark chocolate over top - delicious!  Swap the booze for a non-alcoholic version, or a flavoured coffee syrup for those who prefer a non-alcoholic tipple.

Cocktail 4 - Hot White Russian

A decadent treat with a vodka kick, this is best made in a pan.  Combine a mug of coffee, a measure of vodka and half a cup of full cream milk per person, over a gentle heat and pop into a flask or heated mugs for the perfect winter warmer.   

Cocktail 5 - Amaretto Cafe

The perfect fireside drink, first pour a measure of amaretto in the bottom of your chosen cup or mug and then top up with freshly made coffee.  Pop on some whipped cream and a grating of nutmeg for a final finishing touch full of festive goodness.

Coffee Cocktail Kit 

A few kitchen items can make crafting a perfect coffee cocktail that bit easier, and a lot more fun!  Have a search in the cupboards and you can put the following to good use:

  • Milk frother for a professional finish for all your hot beverages

  • Heatproof glass mugs, or copper also look beautiful but may require mittens!

  • Mini grater for chocolate, nutmeg or cinnamon topping

  • Cafetiere, espresso maker, or full-blown coffee machine for the Java experts

  • Hot chocolate velvetiser for a mug of mocha

  • Long-handled latte spoons

  • Festive flask and portable mini mugs, for when you fancy your drinks alfresco

Gift Idea

Why not wrap up a beautiful mug, fresh coffee and the ingredients to your favourite recipe from the list?  Add some biscotti and it’s a lovely little gift guaranteed to make someone’s Christmas season go with a bang!

Which of our five fabulous recipes will you be making this festive season?  These easy recipes combine the best festive flavours with everyone’s favourite hot drink to make some wonderful seasonal cocktails, they’re so delicious the only thing to worry about is making sure you don’t overdo it!

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