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Drink more, pay less: How to score free drinks at any bar

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24th Aug 2022 Drinks

Drink more, pay less: How to score free drinks at any bar
If a Drake or a Vin Diesel walks into a street bar today, God knows they aren’t paying a dime. Not because they wouldn’t want to.
But because the bartenders would be happy to offer them free drinks.
Such is the freebie life that comes with being famous.
Another group of people that get free drinks even without asking are the beautiful ones. You know, the cute, sexy girl with the world-stopping smile or the nice handsome guy with irresistible charm. These are the kinds of people every bartender offers free drinks even when they don’t ask for it.
Sadly, the same cannot be said of those of us who are neither famous nor beautiful. If you don't check either of those boxes, bartenders want to squeeze every last penny off your pants.
So, what can you do to get some free drinks every time you walk into a bar?
Let’s find out.

Drink more, pay less: How to score free drinks at any bar

1. Find a not-so-crowded bar

The beautiful thing about drinking is that the drinks are the same everywhere. Of course, the mixture can be different, depending on how skillful the bartender is. But, often, you can expect to get a decent drinking experience everywhere.
In that case, why restrict yourself to drinking at the busiest bar in town? You’re never going to get a chance to woo a bartender into pouring you free drinks if she’s too busy serving hundreds of shots to customers.
Instead, you should look for a place with more empty seats and a lonely-looking bartender. Here, the bartender will be happy to have a lengthy conversation with you. And if you dare to ask, they'll happily pour you a drink, too.
Look through the Nicelocal website now for places to drink near me. The site will show you plenty of bars, pubs, and lounges to drink near you. Even places you’ve never heard of before.

2. Come in friendly

Most people walk into a bar, take a seat, puff their shoulder like they own the place, and request a drink without even bothering to look at the face of who’s serving them.
Guess what?
If this is you, you're never getting a free drink from anyone. Sorry.
Bartenders generally love the soft-tone compliments and happy-face conversations. If you ever dream of scoring a free drink at any bar, you must prepare to come in smiling and happy. That’s the sort of mood that gets you on a bartender’s good side.

3. Be a good conversation starter

At some bars, you may be lucky to find a bartender willing to start off conversations with you. At others, not so much.
If you find yourself drinking at such a bar, you have to prepare to be the conversation starter. I know a bunch of friends who disappear into their phones and just drink their cups in peace once they notice their bartender isn’t saying anything to them.
Don’t be like them.
If you’re serious about getting that free drink, you have to find a way to get the bartender to talk to you. And that begins with striking a conversation.
The sports show on TV is a good conversation starter. The reason the bar looks empty and un-patronized is another one. Look around you and find a good point of discussion. Trust me, that's the quickest way to get a bartender to pour you a free drink even before you ask.

4. Start and stick with cheap pours

Let's face it; no bartender is going to pour you an ounce of Jack Daniel on a free. These drinks cost a lot and are reserved for those who're ordering with cash.
If you start your night with an expensive whiskey bottle, just know it’s going to be hard to get a free continuation of that. If you want extra, you’re likely going to have to order it.
In contrast, it's easy to get a free drink if you're ordering from the tap. As you can imagine, the cost ratio for pouring you a free drink from the tap is much better.
So, unless you're willing to start heavy and then switch to something cheap later, it's advisable to start with a drink you know you can easily get for free.

5. Visit the place often

Another great idea is to visit a bar frequently. As a reward for coming back again and again, most bars will offer you free drinks even without asking. The hope is that that will keep you locked in and in love with their bar.
As you can imagine, this is a very logical thing to do.
However, not every bar does it. Some bars have no special treatment for you, regardless of whether you visit the place ten times in a month. If you visit a bar frequently and don’t get free pours from time to time, please don’t hesitate to check out a new place.
It wouldn’t cost the business anything to pour a regular customer a free drink from the tap. If they aren’t doing it, it is only because they’re too stingy and don’t understand the importance of customer retention. So, make them regret their action by hopping on a new train.

6. Come off celebratory or grieving

Yes, you read that correctly. You can get a free drink at any bar, depending on what mood you’re in.
It's almost a universal thing for bartenders all over the world to treat people differently on what they perceive to be a memorable night. If you're celebrating a birthday, honeymoon, anniversary, or a special event, expect your bartender to pour you a lot of free drinks as a kind gesture to mark your big day.
On the flip side, if you’re grieving the loss of something or the demise of a loved one, a bartender can offer you a free pour as consolation for what you’re going through.
This is particularly common in cases where people are jilted, lose a job, or suffer a significant loss.
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