Around the World in 20 Drinks

20 drinks and their native lands. When your travelling, don't forget to quench your thirst (or have a tipple) on the local delicacies!

1. Absinthe

Believed to have been first distilled in Switzerland and infamous for being around 80% proof, "la fée verte", or ‘little fairy’ is one of the most talked-about spirits in existence, mostly because it has been banned in many countries for its potency.


2. Bouza

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– this Egyptian beer is made from fermented wheat bread and was first brewed by the Ancient Egyptians. It has been attempted by beer fanatics the world over, with mixed results!


3. Coca-Cola

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We might feel like it’s everywhere, but Coca-Cola was first invented in Georgia, America in the 19th century.


4. Coquito

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This Puerto Rican beverage is a must for rum and coconut lovers and is made with sweetened milk, like eggnog.


5. Frappè

Greek iced coffee has become a staple summer drink for coffee-lovers everywhere, providing a refreshing alternative to hot coffee.


6. Gin

Known as an English drink, gin is made from juniper berries and is one of the most versatile spirits around as it can be enjoyed neat, in tonic or water, or as part of a cocktail.


7. Grappa

This grape-based Italian pomace brandy is formally known as acquavite di vinaccia, or ‘the water of life'! It is said to have been consumed just before troops went into battle.


8. Irish Coffee

Another internationally-loved drink, this blend of whisky, hot coffee and cream is said to have been invented in an Irish airport in the 1940s.


9. Masala Chai

Indian tea is some of the best, and Masala chai, often known simply as chai, is made from black teas like Assam.


10. Mate

A caffeine-rich South American tea, mate is consumed as a drink to boost one’s energy.


11. Mojito

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Cuba’s national drink belongs on every list of international beverages, and is
made from white rum, lime and mint for a zesty cocktail.


12. Ouzo

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Widely consumed as an aperitif in Greece and Cyprus, ouzo is brewed from aniseed.


13. Piña Coladas

Invented in San Juan, Puerto Rico in the 1960s, white or spiced rum is mixed with pineapple and coconut milk for a creamy cocktail.


14. Raki

The anise-flavoured Turkish aperitif is often served with meze or seafood.


15. Rooibos

This South African redbush tea is caffeine free and growing in popularity with Western tea drinkers.


16. Sangria

This Spanish and Portuguese drink is made from wine, chopped fruits and sweetener.


17. Tequila

One of Mexico’s most famous exports, tequila is distilled from the blue agave plant and is an international favourite.


18. Vodka

Believed to have been first brewed as long ago as the 13th century in Poland or Russia, vodka is made from distilling potatoes or rice, and is enjoyed both neat and in cocktails.


19. Whisky

Spelt with an ‘e’ in Ireland and America and without one in Scotland, whisk(e)y is made from fermented grain mash and is another ‘staple’ spirit and is widely consumed the world over.


20. Wine

No list is complete without this! Wine has no distinct country of origin but has been enjoyed for centuries the world over.