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7 Sensational St. Patrick's Day cocktails


1st Jan 2015 Drinks

7 Sensational St. Patrick's Day cocktails

If the idea of celebrating St. Patty’s with a stiff shot or two (or three) of Jameson and a pint of green beer doesn’t strike your fancy, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together a list of seven top-notch cocktails inspired by Ireland’s trademark holiday. 

The Irish maiden

Irish Maiden St. Patrick's Day cocktail
Image via The Misadventures of a Foodie

Honey, fresh grapefruit and ginger serve as a perfect counterpart to the Irish whiskey in this refreshing concoction.

Boozy yet sweet, simple yet flavourful, the Irish Maiden is a well-balanced cocktail even a first-time mixologist can whip up in minutes.



Green fizz

Green Fizz St. Patrick's Day cocktail
Image via The Drink Blog

No St. Patrick’s day would be complete without a cocktail as green as the Emerald Isle itself.

Gin, citrus, crème de menthe, egg white—this frothy, bright beverage has it all.  



Dead rabbit Tipperary

The Dead Rabbit Tipperary St. Patrick's Day cocktail
Image via Imbibe Magazine

Sean Muldoon of New York’s preeminent cocktail lounge The Dead Rabbit (voted the world’s best bar in 2015) tinkered with the recipe for a classic Tipperary until he’d created this perfectly balanced, quintessential Irish whiskey cocktail.

To really bring out the taste of the citrus or add a little flare, garnish it with an orange peel—but given Muldoon’s expertise, it’s probably best drunk just how it is.



Irish coffee

Irish Coffee St. Patrick's Day cocktail
Image via The Homemade Haus

With a drink this good, there’s no reason in trying to reinvent the wheel.

This recipe from The Homemade Haus harks back to the first Irish coffee on record, whipped up by Joseph Sheridan of County Tyrone for a few weary travellers in 1942.



Green whiskey smash

Green Whiskey Smash St. Patrick's Day cocktail
Image via Always Order Dessert

A bit sweet, a bit sour, and—thanks to a healthy helping of Jameson—all Irish.

Pick up a bit more mint, cucumber and lime than the recipe calls for and you can easily multiply it for a bowl of punch sure to impress your party guests.



Irish cocktail

Irish Cocktail
Image via The Straight Up

Don’t let the simple name fool you. This is a complex, full-flavored cocktail pulled from Irishman Patrick Duffy’s Official Mixer’s Manual, a holy text for mixologists across the globe.

It’s a delicious brew, but a dangerous one and all booze: Irish whisky, absinthe, curaçao, maraschino and bitters.

Garnish with a lemon twist and an olive, and you’ve got yourself a drink that’ll knock the socks off even the most seasoned cocktail connoisseur.



Lucky leprechaun rum punch

Lucky Leprechaun Rum Punch
Image via Freutcake

Rimmed with crushed Lucky Charms, this festive pineapple punch is just right for a St. Patty’s party.

Ditch the rum for a booze-free version—or a separate batch to serve for the kids.