7 Boozy winter warmers

On a cold winter day, what better way to warm up then with a drink? These seven boozy winter warmers will see you through the long nights.

Irish hot chocolate

Irish hot chocolate
Image via Serious Seats

This boozy Christmas drink is as festive as they come.

With Guinness, Bailey’s and whiskey in the frothy mix, it’ll certainly have you rocking around the Christmas tree.

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Mulled cider

Mulled cider
Image via A Beautiful Mess

Cider is a quintessentially autumnal drink, but serve it warm and it can make the perfect transition to winter.

Using rum and apple juice alongside cinnamon and spices makes this recipe extra delicious.

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Image via Buttered Side Up

Eggnog is an iconic Christmas drink, but how often have you experienced it home made?

This tasty recipe serves the eggnog with vanilla essence, lashings of whipped cream and a dusting of freshly ground nutmeg.

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Pumpkin spiced hot toddy

pumpkin hot toddy
Image via Tablespoon

National hot toddy day (no really, there is such a thing) isn’t until January 11, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy this festive drink throughout the colder months.

Using hot water, honey, whisky and spices, this is the perfect beverage if you’re feeling a little under the (probably miserable) weather.

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Snowball cocktail

snowball cocktail
Image via Mix That Drink

Winter warmers can be chilled too.

This fresh cocktail blends tequila cream liqueur with vanilla, milk and Kahlua.

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Mulled wine

Mulled wine
Image via Fairy Tale Pretty Picture

The original festive beverage, and always the best, mulled wine is a hallowed Christmas tradition.

The process of brewing and simmering the wine brings out the flavour of the ingredients, and you can add whatever spices or fruits suit your tastes.

This recipe uses cinnamon, bay leaves, lemon juice, nutmeg and cloves, but other popular choices include oranges and berries.

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Hot buttered rum

Hot buttered rum
Image via Not Without Salt

Hot buttered rum: it even sounds delicious.

There are a few ways to make this treat, but this method combines an entire stick of butter with dark brown sugar and rum. So wrong, but so right.

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