3 Wine recommendations for rib eye steaks

A thick and juicy ribeye is one of the tastiest steaks around.  And a big, bold, powerful red is the perfect partner to stand up to the generous marbling and intense flavour of a ribeye.

We recommend trying a sumptuous Malbec, powerful Cabernet Sauvignon or punchy Shiraz to guarantee a match made in meat-lovers heaven!

Here are our top picks to enjoy with a succulent ribeye…


Raats Angels Selection Malbec Cabernet Franc 2013

Normal Price: £13.49
Angel Price: £9.99

Raats Angels Selection Malbec Cabernet Franc 2013

There is truly no better pairing for a succulent ribeye than a Malbec. This sumptuous drop includes a dollop of Cabernet Franc to make it even smoother. A stonking red with bags of juicy black fruit, gorgeous concentration and a seriously elegant and pure finish. This full-bodied beauty stands up beautifully to a flavoursome ribeye.


Lacaze Private Collection Cabernet Sauvignon 2013

Normal Price: £15.99
Angel Price: £9.99

Lacaze Private Collection Cabernet Sauvignon 2013


This is to a mid-range supermarket wine what a monster truck is to a fiat panda. It's a big complex beast of a wine. Oh, and the guy who made it also makes one of Chile's most famous, and most expensive wines. Rich, lush and complex -this is a must-try for ribeye lovers. The ripe, fruity tannins cut through the succulent marbled fat wonderfully. A meat-eater's idea of heaven in a glass.


Manley Estate Shiraz 2012

Normal Price: £14.99
Angel Price: £10.99

Manley Estate Shiraz 2012

South Africa may have come late to the Shiraz ball, but it's played catch up quickly, and now produces some of the best in the world. This one, with its dark, rich plum fruit punch and smokey oaky, peppery finish is a delicious example. Punchy, explosive and with all the weight of a dozen half-backs, the only way to improve this wine is to drink it with a ribeye that has been briefly shown the grill. 

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