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2 Marmalade Cocktails to Try at Home


1st Jan 2015 Drinks

2 Marmalade Cocktails to Try at Home
Coming to the cinema this November is the new Paddington Bear movie. Of course, we've all grown up with Paddington, so let's raise a grown-up glass in his honour with these wonderful marmalade cocktails.

The Savoy Marmalade Cocktail

It’s a bible of sorts to all cocktail enthusiasts. Entitled the Savoy Cocktail Book, it was published in 1930s by some marvellous chap called Harry Craddock. Inside there's a rendition of a Marmalade Martini. I cant think of anything more perfect than a glass to enjoy while watching the new Paddington film. It’s a bit of a faff to make as it often, depending on the marmalade, needs double straining. And it certainly needs the lemon juice to lift the flavour. The type of marmalade makes for subtle differences too, so try experimenting with sweeter or more bitter marmalades.
Marmalade cocktail
  • Heaped teaspoon marmalade
  • 35ml dry gin
  • Juice of half a lemon
  • Shake vigorously with Ice
  • Strain and serve with a squeeze of orange rind (twist of orange)
Many tweaks and changes have been introduced since this original recipe. I’ve seen suggestions of adding a dash of orange bitters and shaking in 5ml of Campari. You could try adding a shot or more of Cointreau to up the orange flavour too.

Does A Bear Drink Rum in Peru?

I was reading Bar Magazine the other day and chanced upon a charmingly named cocktail – Does A Bear Drink Rum In Peru (Of Course He Does). This is a variation of sorts on the Marmalade Cocktail. Not entirely sure how one "flash-infuses" rum with hot buttered sourdough toast but the result – served in a miniature red wellington boot – sounds delightful. The creator, mixologist David Hamilton, beat eight other barmen to win a challenge to create a cocktail inspired by a children’s book character.

Does A Bear Drink Rum in Peru (Of Course He Does) by David Hamilton Boyd

  • 50ml Virgin Gorda rum flash-infused with hot buttered sourdough toast
  •  25ml lemon juice
  •  3 barspoons of orange marmalade made with Ish Gin and Ish Limed
  •  4ml homemade camomile and vanilla bitters made with AKA Vodka
  •  Soda water
Shake the first four ingredients with ice and strain into a glass slotted into a small red Wellington boot. Top with a little soda and stir gently. Add crushed ice on top and a garnish of tiny marmalade sandwiches.

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