5 Spanish Netflix shows to learn the language


9th Oct 2023 Culture

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5 Spanish Netflix shows to learn the language
Snuggle up on the sofa and indulge in your favourite guilty pleasure trash TV while boosting your language skills with these five Spanish Netflix shows 
Picture this, you're sat on a terraza in Madrid's Plaza Mayor, leisurely sipping on a glass of wine and listening to la cháchara of the locals around you, picking out the odd phrase here and there and feeling content in your full immersion into the scintillating Spanish language and culture. 
If this is you in reality, enjoy it, savour it, and know that the rest of us are achingly jealous
They say the best way to learn a language is to immerse yourself in it. While I would love nothing more than to be surrounded by Spaniards at a fancy wine bar somewhere in sunny Spain—especially since winter is definitely looming here in the UK—perhaps you find yourself unable to just drop everything and catch the next flight out to the continent to practice your palabras. Yo sé, es una vida muy difícil, no? 
Luckily, the alternative to jet-setting across the globe doesn't have to be all doom and gloom, and you can combine cosy autumn vibes and learning Spanish language by indulging in some of the best Spanish TV shows Netflix has to offer.
So grab your warmest blanket—and maybe a glass of sangria—and snuggle up for our recommendations of some of the soppiest, most salaciously scandalous Spanish shows out there. 

1. Las Chicas Del Cable (The Cable Girls)

The poster for Las Chicas del Cable
Based in Madrid in the 1920s, Las Chicas Del Cable, follows the stories of a group of women working at the new telecommunications company as they embark on a journey to gain their own independence and autonomy. Each woman has her own reasons for working at the company and throughout the five-season series, which culminates with the Spanish Civil War, they all face, and help each other through, challenges in relation to their domestic, professional and romantic life. 
Genre: Period drama, telenovela 

2. El Tiempo Que Te Doy (The Time It Takes)

The poster for El tiempo que te doy
Nadia de Santiago (who also played Lina in Las chicas del cable and wrote the screenplay for El tiempo que te doy) plays the protagonist Lina, who is struggling to deal with a break up over a series of episodes not much longer than ten minutes. Each episode depicts one less minute in the past and one more minute in the present as the series goes on to portray some of the most intimate moments of a couple's tumultuous relationship. It is one of the most heartbreaking shows I've ever seen in any language, and therefore great for a sob sesh if you're feeling like it. 
Genre: Drama, romance 

3. El Falso Amor (Deep Fake Love)

Raquel Sánchez Silva, the host of El falso amor
More of a salacious rather than a wholesome choice, this show is very similar to the likes of Love Island or Ex On The Beach, and it is deliciously scandalous—great for practicing your Spanish vocabulary when you want to join in a good gossip!
The premise is that five couples are split between two villas where they meet "Los Solteros" (the singletons) and spend their time drinking, flirting and dancing. Except they're being filmed the whole time, and to make matters worse, the videos are edited using "deep fake technology" so that when the time comes for their partners to see what they've been up to, they don't know if it's true or not! It's a lot of trust to put in your partner for the 10,000 euro prize, and to see whether your love is true or false, but if you're looking for a shockingly scandalous Spanish show, this is the one for you. 
Genre: Reality, drama 

4. Valeria 

Valeria poster
Valeria follows the story of a budding author and her gal pals who are all navigating the messy world of dating and relationships while juggling their jobs and ambitions. The first series begins with Valeria struggling with writer's block, and has incredible character evolution by the time you reach the season three finale. It's a great watch for a vibrant and fun view of cosmopolitan life in Spain's capital city and some relatable laughs. 
Genre: Romantic comedy 

5. Street Food Latin America 

Street food Latin America docuseries poster
From the salacious to the delicious, although not technically based in Spain, this Spanish-language  docuseries presents a deep dive into the tastes and traditions behind street food throughout Latin America. Travel to a different country each episode and try not to drool at Pato Rodriquez's cheesy tortilla, Doña Emi's anise-flavoured buñuelos or Luz Dary's arepas and ajiaco. 
Genre: Docuseries, food and travel 
Banner credit: Nanci Santos
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