Video exclusive! Harriet's 'First and Last'—the love you can never escape


1st Jan 2015 Music

Video exclusive! Harriet's 'First and Last'—the love you can never escape

Harriet's collaborated with the wonderful Royal Philharmonic Orchestra for her latest single 'First and Last'. Watch it first here!

Harriet can boast Graham Norton, Claire Balding and even the Reader's Digest podcast team among her fanbase and it's no surprise with her Karen Carpenter vocals and easy-listening, smooth stylings.

But it's more than the beguiling sounds that have audiences captivated. This singer-songwriter puts all her emotion into her songs and 'First and Last' is no exception.

A tale of first love, undying love, and perhaps a love that's leaving or somehow flawed.

By asking her lover to remember the first time—the first touch, the first kiss, the first embrace—she tries to draw back on that initial excitement that might never reappear but that the relationship was founded on.

"We wear many coats of change, underneath we are still the same" she rationalises that in spite of everything the lovers are the same as when they first met and that must mean something. And then, in reference to that all-consuming first love, even after it dissolves, it continues to affect you and your relationships with others in the future. 

With her first album to be released on 7 October, we have been privileged enough to get an exclusive of Harriet's latest music video 'First and Last' which is released on the same date.

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