The elite German electronic music scene


6th Mar 2020 Music

The elite German electronic music scene

Top DJ's that the World should know about.

Be it Jazz, classical, or pop, Germany’s music scene stands out on a global level. But not only in these music categories.

Germany, specifically Berlin, also serves as an influential center of Electronic Music. From techno to electro, and from deep tech to deep house, this country is a magnet for die-hard electro- music fans. When it comes to DJs, Germany does not receive much appreciation for producing some of the most notable DJs in the world.

Martin Garrix, the 20-year-old DJ from the Netherlands, the Belgian brother group, Dmitri Vegas & Like Mike, Calvin Harris, the heartthrob of electronic music fans, and the French DJ, David Guetta are worldwide known names in electronic music. There are several other lesser-known figures in theindustry that are elevating the ‘electro’ scene in Germany and have the potential to revolutionize the world’s music scene. These are exceptionally skilled DJs that the world needs to know about.


Owner of the Bpitch Control record label, Ellen Fraatz, is a star in German’s electronic music. She is popularly known around the country as Ellen Allien. The 51-year-old woman began working on building her career in EDM with the culture of reunified Berlin as her inspiration. She is the queen of techno music and has produced eight full-length album discographies, out of which seven are solo albums. The last album that came out in 2019 is a mixture of singles, EPs, and remixes.

She was one of the most iconic electronic artists of her time. From Europe to South Africa, Ellen Allien has played as a DJ in all major clubs and large-scale festivals. Ellen Allien holds residencies in the world’s most renowned venues, including DC10 in Ibiza and Nitsa in Barcelona. During her peak time, she became a prominent entity in the evolution of electronic music in her hometown. Her music and her record label can stir hype among the EDM fans.


With an origin from Germany’s Bavarian region, Martin Gretschmann is another DJ whose work contributes to the elite EDM scene of the country. Known as Acid Pauli, Martin’s work is an exceptional addition to the world’s music industry. Each of his mixes and tracks is full of musicality with psychedelic and adventurous touch. The scope of his work stretches far beyond techno and house and encompasses a wide variety of dance music. His first album, “Panorama,” came out in 1996 with Console as hismoniker.

From 1996 to 2015, he was a part of the Notwist, and soon Console also became a band under which he released several remixes and records. By choosing Acid Pauli as his name, he began his journey as asolo artist. Much of his work features eclectic mixes with a four-to-the-floor beat.


With a passion for pursuing music as her career, Adriana Ruppert is one of the most well-reputed artists in Germany and has a huge international portfolio. She began her journey in music with piano lessons. She grew up in Munich, Germany while listening to electro music. Adriana, known as Ruppert, a German DJ and a music producer. She co-founded Hatching Creaturesin 2016 in Miami. After spending a major chunk of her time in the recording studios, she decided to get deeper into the world of electronic music and became a DJ.

Ruppert has toured all across America as well as Europe and wherever she went, she stirred immense hype and excitement with her work. Recipient of the Galardon Mara International 2019 – Mejor Productora Musical and DJANE MAG Latin America – Dj Productora Revelación 2019, Ruppert have the potential to become one of the world’s best DJs. Her tracks, including “Adjust,” “The Damn Thing,” “Twisted Impulses,” “Hmm,” and “iFreak” have all made it to the Beatport’s top 10 and top 100 lists.


Berlin’s King of Techno, Ben Klock, is one of the most in-demand DJs in Germany who is gaining rapid popularity at an international level with his exceptional work. He is the leading figure of Germany’s modern techno movement. The live performances of Ben Klock can drive madness in the crowd as not only is his music diverse, but also because he has the magic to create a room. Ben Klock is the one to bring the missing emotion from the techno genre. From small intimate settings to big-scale festivals, Ben’s work is invaluable for the music industry.

Ben Klock is touring around the world which is helping him build a wide fan following. Some of his works including “Dawning” and “Subzero,” are the highlights of his career in EDM. Moreover,he founded Klockworks in 2006, which focuses on Klock’s raw and minimal pieces ofproduction.

Even though Germany has given extra-ordinary talent to the world’s electronic music scene such as Paul van Dyk, the world does not give this country enough credit. Electro and techno music in Germany are getting better with every passing day as more talented people join the circle of electronic music. The work of these underrated DJs is worth the praise as they bring unique, deep, and highly captivating mixes to the table.

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