Sarah McGuinness: No Tears

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Sarah McGuinness: No Tears
Emmy nominated British producer, director, composer and screenwriter, steps into her musical alter-ego with the release of her debut album and a live global webcast for International Women’s Day

World premiere of Sarah’s new single No Tears:

Seductive, strong and sassy ….charismatic UK singer/songwriter Sarah McGuinness is a woman on a musical mission to thrill. With glamour as her weapon and the lyrical pen as her sword, this steely woman of mystery pulls on the mantle of her melodic alter-ego and steps into the limelight with her debut album Unbroken, which is out now. As the epitome of female glamour and strength, Sarah also takes a stand for female equality as she supports International Women’s Day this year with a free music gig for everyone across the world.
Catch her live global webcast at 8pm on 8 March at: facebook.com/sarahmcguinnessmusic/

By day she’s best known as Sarah Townsend

The internationally renowned movie director, producer and screen writer for TV and the big screen, who’s most notable works include Emmy-nominated documentary Believe and multi award-winning Noma: Forgiving Apartheid, the lyrically-told inside stories of Eddie Izzard and Noma Dumezweni, the acclaimed black actress who shot to fame with her portrayal of Hermione in the hit new Harry Potter play.

By night the music takes over

Her alter-ego, Sarah McGuinness, leaps into action like The Avengers’ Emma Peel. Immersing herself in the glamour and intrigue of the 50s & 60s silver-screen, Sarah slips on her stilettos, slicks on the eyeliner and morphs into her sassy alter-ego; from Sarah the director to Sarah the singer/songwriter. Flipping herself inside out, and confidently displaying a previously unseen inner core, Sarah plucks at snapshots of her real life and delivers them melodically with all the strength and glamour of a 1950’s movie goddess.
Steered by English producer Ed Buller (Suede, Pulp, The Raincoats and Courteeners), ‘Unbroken’ is an epic masterpiece which will simultaneously lift your spirits whilst provoking thought. Epic, dramatic and compelling, ‘Unbroken’ is a reminiscent jaunt back to the heady days when women fused glamour with concealed strength. McGuinness’ deep, rich, enthralling vocals ooze and move around an elaborate fabric of gripping tales, each perfectly crafted with lyrical skill and emotional wisdom.
For a long time, Sarah McGuinness had a lot to say, but it’s taken until now for her to refine how she said it. ‘Unbroken’ is a culmination of a lifetime of creativity and experiences, a musical picture-book of poignant times. Each song is its own little drama, a pocket-sized story plucked from Sarah’s life emotions. ‘Unbroken’ is for the women of the world (and the men with ears to listen). Strutting back to the time of the silver-screen, where steely women were seen as glamour-kittens, had intriguing stories to tell and more drama in their lives, Sarah McGuinness reminds women of what they can really achieve; flinging on the mantle of that glamorous imagery and transforms into her sexy alter-ego.
Fuse Marianne Faithful, Sandi Shaw and Dusty Springfield with the spirit of Lulu and a dash of silver-screen mystery, serve shaken (not stirred) and embrace with the wisdom of a modern girl – then you’ll enjoy ‘Unbroken’ at its best. So succumb to the music, let glamour be your strength and let Sarah McGuinness entertain your eyes and ears – welcome Sarah McGuinness.
The debut album ‘Unbroken’ from Sarah McGuinness is out now

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