Rebecca Ferguson is Back with a Billie Holiday Tribute

BY Kylie Petitt

1st Jan 2015 Music

Rebecca Ferguson is Back with a Billie Holiday Tribute

X-Factor alumni Rebecca Ferguson has made the leap to jazz singer with her upcoming third album Lady Sings The Blues, a cover of the Billie Holiday masterpiece.

Rebecca Ferguson is set to release her third album Lady Sings The Blues on March 9th, a reinterpretation of the iconic Billie Holiday album of the same name. If you haven't heard of Billie Holiday, shame on you—she’s an American jazz singer with an enticing and soulful voice and this year marks the centenary of her birth.

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Ferguson is currently singing the full set of songs from her upcoming album at a series of intimate live shows at St James Theatre in London. I was lucky enough to attend one her shows. Although it's fair to say I am not a fan of jazz music, pop music from ladies such as Taylor Swift and Britney Spears being more my kind of thing; Ferguson enlightened me to the world of Billie Holiday, adding to it her own experience and story to these classic songs through her soulful and husky vocals.


On introducing each song, Ferguson made it clear that Holiday's lyrics came from a sad place making them almost unbearable. When Ferguson stepped on stage, an overwhelming sense of hope fills every note sung. Clearly in the face of recent turmoil in her life, Ferguson has channelled it into an emotional performance.

As the concert progressed, Ferguson’s vocal and performing talents become more and more apparent as she finished with a dazzling final performance of All of Me. 

Watch The Making of Lady In The Blues

Rebecca Ferguson is playing at St James Theatre London on March 19, 20 and 21.

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