Rachael Sage shows her support for Anti-Bullying Week

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1st Jan 2015 Music

Rachael Sage shows her support for Anti-Bullying Week

November 14-18 marks Anti-Bullying Week 2016. To show her support, award-winning singer-songwriter Rachael Sage has teamed up with the global charity Ditch The Label.

Ditch The Label are one of the largest and most ambitious anti-bullying charities in the world. Each year, they provide award-winning support to thousands of young people aged 12-25, primarily through online partnerships. Their mission is to reduce the effects and prominence of bullying internationally.

Rachael Sage for Anti-Bullying Week 2016

Rachael Sage is an American singer-songwriter, producer and visual artist who has shared stages with the likes of Sarah McLachlan, Jamie Cullum and Ani DiFranco. To support Ditch The Label, she will donate all of the proceeds of her new EP Home, featuring anti-bullying anthem "I Don’t Believe It", to the charity. 

“I’m incredibly honoured to be working with Ditch The Label. 'I Don’t Believe It' is a song about rising above someone who is putting you down—whether it be a strict teacher, parent or other authority figure, or someone who is bullying you,” she says. 

Rachael Sage for Anti-bullying week 2016

As someone who was bullied throughout her school years and experienced some harsh teaching methods during her ballet training, Sage wanted to speak out about the issue in her own way: "I wanted to write an empowering song that was fast-moving and literally compels you to shake off doubt," she explains. 

Watch the inspiring video for "I Don’t Believe It" which features three-time national dance champion Kaci King, an eleven-year-old performer who reached out to Sage on Facebook:

"I Don’t Believe It", taken from the EP Home is released November 18 through MPress Records, with all the proceeds going to Ditch The Label.


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