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October's Monthly Music Digest

BY Andy Richardson

1st Jan 2015 Music

October's Monthly Music Digest

In this month's music news: Paul McCartney joins forces with John Bonham; Dr Feelgood feel's real good; Sleater-Kinney reform; and Iggy Pop gives us an awesome lecture.

Lost Track: Beware My Love – Paul McCartney (featuring John Bonham) 


In a recent Q&A held with Sir Paul, followers of the Winged Beatle asked questions ranging from the mundane to the bizarre but one question in particular prompted the world premier of Beware My Love. The track features the unmistakable characteristics of John Bonham’s poly-rhythmic signature force (particularly THAT fill at 2:12) and McCartney’s proficiency in nuanced simplicity. The track will feature as part of the bonus material on a deluxe reissue of Wings’ fifth studio album, Wings at the Speed of Sound. The track can be heard via McCartney’s twitter feed here.


Sleater-Kinney's Not-so-secret Reform


Sub Pop Records have let us all in on their tight-lipped secret: the return of Washington’s Sleater-Kinney. Bury Our Friends, which can be heard here, marks the somewhat surprise return despite a recent casual release of their entire back catalogue, which sufficiently propelled the rumor mill. Following 2005’s critically acclaimed record, The Woods, the band decided to call it quits with no sign of ever returning. New album, No Cities to Love, is due for release on January 15th 2015 via Sub Pop Records.


Dr Feelgood's Good News

Wilko Johnson all clear from Cancer

Dr. Feelgood’s, Wilko Johnson, who was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2012, has released a statement confirming that he is now “cancer free” following major surgery which removed a 3kg tumor. The Down at the Doctors guitarist reflected on the news saying, “It's so weird and so strange that it's kind of hard to come to terms with it in my mind.” Johnson announced the news while accepting the Idol Award at the Q Awards 2014 and is now coming to terms with living.   


Iggy Pop says it best

Iggy Pop John Peel Lecture

It’s a sad truth that presently we face the decline of the creative industries. But, one way to overcome this death of art is to “transcend its form”. To do this, one must retain integrity and be true to themselves. And in many ways, do it themselves so as to surpass a suppressed society, for “we are now in the age of the schemer. […] Not everyone is meant to be big. […] If you are who you are, that is really hard to steal.” – Iggy Pop in his recent BBC Music John Peel Lecture on the topic of Free Music in a Capitalist Society.  


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