Mo Bentley introduces her new song, "Don't Kill My Vibe," with Star Kidz Productions

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4th Jul 2022 Music

Mo Bentley introduces her new song, "Don't Kill My Vibe," with Star Kidz Productions

Music therapy can be a great way to get out of that funk if your life has been unkind to you and you're feeling a bit broken down.

Artists are masters of bolstering emotions, and the music they create can help you heal from a multitude of problems. In addition, it can help you become more productive at work, as research has shown that listening to opera positively impacts memory and cognitive function.


A west coast rising pop star, Mo Bentley, has had a string of charting hits that have helped propel her throughout the industry. Her new single "Don't Kill My Vibe" is a feel-good, universal sound that will elicit a plethora of emotions from listeners. Produced by Star Kidz Productions and Michel, "Don’t Kill My Vibe" is a sassy pop/soul fusion filled with head-bobbing and toe-tapping elements. The song is intended to celebrate self-confidence and the empowerment of becoming your own best friend. The song also has a positive, uplifting message wrapped in a fun and contagious dance beat. Mo's powerful voice is the perfect pairing for this song as it stands out from other singers and brings a new sound reminiscent of artists like Ariana.

Bentley used her extensive background in musical performance to bring this song to life. She plans to move to Los Angeles and study music at the Los Angeles College of Music. Growing up around an Athletic family, she has had a strong passion for performing ever since she was a little girl. As a result, she’s been able to pursue being a performer and having confidence within herself, which allows her to be who she is. Bentley said she likes to bring out her raw emotions in her music because music is a great place where you can let go of whatever is getting in the way. She believes through acting and singing; she's been able to search her path and find herself, which allows her to be herself, Bentley stated.

Currently, Bentley is looking forward to releasing her music video and is excited to have her fans see the visual that compliments her new song. She hopes that everyone can find inspiration through watching it, as she works hard to make music that inspires people of all ages. Bentley can bring a unique sound to the music world because she has been able to create a formula for what she loves in music and arts. The perfect pairing of instruments in this new single makes it very different from the other artists out there today. Mo's powerful voice and sassy personality make her stand out from other singers and allows people to listen again due to her outstanding character.

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