Make dreams come true with the Eurovision Song Contest 2019

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Everyone needs a bit of entertainment and this year seems to be pack ing lots of it in. The Eurovision Song Contest 2019 is just one where the fun and intrigue that come with it gets everyone excited.

We are happy to bring you scintillating news about the event, as well as every opportunity to get in on the action, as you may want to check out Unibet’s betting site to place your bets before the final contest of vocal chords begins to unfold. 

The slogan for the Year

The organisers of the event want to spark creativity in the minds of the participants so they could give their best shots at the microphone. This explains the reason why this year's slogan is, “Dare to Dream". Interestingly, the logo also has three triangles that create the impression or a golden star. Indeed, there are many participating countries and it's only fair to have the symbol as a reminder that the victory could be anyone’s for the taking.

Guest Appearance

Artists often have role models they look up to for inspiration and the acclaimed Queen of Pop, Madonna, is billed to make a guest appearance during the contest.

Heading to the Finals

There's a thrilling feeling that an artist feels when enlisted for a great accolade and winning the Eurovision may only be shadowed by being shortlisted for a Grammy award, or perhaps a Tony Award. 

The 2019 edition of Eurovision Song Contest is slowly edging to the final round after the first and second semifinals on the 14th and 16th days of May 2019.

Venue for the Final Contest

The venue of this sonorous event is at “Expo Tel Aviv". Also called the “Tel Aviv Convention Centre”, Expo Tel Aviv has the capacity to hold 10,000 people at a go.

Final Thoughts on Eurovision Song Contest

The 41 participants coming for the contest are hopeful for victory. As the finals are a few days away, you too should increase your chances of winning by placing bets right away!

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