Keeping the tradition alive, Realmuzic.net


12th Jan 2021 Music

Keeping the tradition alive, Realmuzic.net

This rapidly evolving world, it can be said that technology has killed culture and traditions. The advent of technology has changed the practices and workings of several things forever. Ranking high in the list of things that were changed by technology is media. There is no doubt that technology has advanced and improved media operations, but it has also taken away its essence while doing so. Among all, the radio has been one of the most affected media platforms.


The digitalization of music has completely wrecked the radio industry. It has deviated from the massive audience that the radio stations once had. People can now easily download music from the internet, or listen to it on iTunes, Spotify, and YouTube, in a jiffy.

Radio was known as a stress reliever in the past. Radio jockey hosted music shows, music dedication requests on the radio, epic playlists from ‘real’ DJ’s, are a few charms that have been lost with the digitalization of music. 

Amidst the technology-dependent era, George Oliver Jr realized that radio should be brought back and should compete with the existing music streaming platforms. He laid the foundation of Realmuzic.net on October 28, 2015. George had recognized the importance of the internet and had acknowledged that it was nearly impossible to live a life without it in this day and age. So, to step his foot into the already established music streaming industry, George decided to take the radio online. Since everything that technology touched created its online presence, the same happened with radio.

The revival of radio required it to establish its presence on the internet. As George has been a DJ for most of his life, he could relate the radio with the music trends. Just as music trends and transitions and attracts, audience accordingly, radio too had to evolve to rejuvenate its loyalty with the masses it once had.

Launching an online radio site and maintaining it was not as easy it seemed. George had to get his head into technology to make his dream of reviving the radio culture come true. He faced many hurdles, overcame many challenges, and turned a deaf ear to those who were always negated his idea. His passion for bringing back the olden times was much intense than any of these obstacles.

George and his DJs team, who were also motivated by the same dream, put in all their efforts, used all of their knowledge, and used every bit of energy to make this happen. Just like any other business, Realmuzic.net began with a rough start. Not many people knew about this online radio station and were so consumed by the new tech that they did not want to go back to the radio-centric music streaming service. 

Giving up was not an option, so they decided to target the 80’s and 90’s kids with their nostalgic playlists and handpicked songs compilation that played 24/7 on Realmuzic.net. Their decision was not wrong; they saw a massive increase in their site-visits. Their excellent song selection forced the boomers to take a trip down memory and reminisce the good old times they spent listening to the radio stations. 

Their next step was to bridge the gap between Gen Z and radio. They are the planet’s first generation to have a technologically dominated life. They have literally grown up with smartphones in their hands and have a reputation for being one of the toughest to please. Born in the internet era, the concept of radio seemed very foreign to them. Challenges excited George, so he took it upon himself to make radio appealing for Gen Z.

Realmuzic.net revamped itself and focused on preserving the existing audience and attract the new audience, which was Gen Z. They updated their playlists, organized different shows, called many modern-day artists on the radio shows, and enhanced the user experience of their website. Once again, George was not proven wrong as his plan to entice Gen Z had worked well. 

Today Realmuzic.net is listened to by 52 million music lovers across 120 countries. Over five years, it has created a loyal base of listeners in countries like the United Kingdom, Brazil, Russia, Spain, Mexico, Trinidad, Poland, and many others. As the CEO of Realmuzic.net, George Olivier Jr. works with an amazingly talented team of DJ’s including, DJ Mr. Melvin, DJ Rumorz, DJ Sensations, Mz Unprediktable DJ Kay G, Uncle Charles, Lady J, DJ Soul Sista, Ms. Spirituality who have the same vision as their CEO.

As radio had coped with technology, it can be said that Realmuzic.net is here to stay and has a long way to go!

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