Cheryl Baker of The Fizz: Records that changed my life

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Cheryl Baker of The Fizz: Records that changed my life
Singer-songwriter Cheryl Baker, from the band the Fizz, reveals to us the three most memorable records from her lifetime that have changed her life

Court and Spark by Joni Mitchell

The first of many Joni Mitchell albums and I fell in love with her there and then! She is a poet who puts her verses to music. I love her so much that I have dedicated a whole album to her: Cheryl Sings Joni, and many of those songs are from Court and Spark.
Joni writes about her own experiences, especially in songs like “Free Man in Paris.” She also shows off her comedic side on “Raised on Robbery.” I was thrilled when I was asked to sing her song, “River” on our Christmas album. I hope I do it justice. 

Graceland by Paul Simon

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I was introduced to Graceland by my husband around Christmas 1986. He knew I’d love it because of the fabulous vocals from Ladysmith Black Mambazo and other South African artists. I was totally unaware of the street music of Soweto, South Africa, but have loved it ever since. I have visited Cape Town a few times in recent years and always go to a township for local food and music.
Graceland is an album I can play at any time of the year—I love it. Paul Simon is a genius.

Songs in the Key of Life by Stevie Wonder

I started singing in 1975 and in 1976 I was singing at The Playboy Club in London. I had a season there with the band I was working with, Co-Co. We weren’t earning very much so I got a temp job as a secretary during the day. It was at that time that I bought Songs in the Key of Life. 
I remember listening to it on the bus on my way into work and thinking how brilliant it was. I would get home from working at The Playboy Club at 4am and be at work for 9am. I used to fall asleep on my typewriter! Stevie Wonder and this amazing album kept me going throughout this time. 
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