Album of the month: Requiem by GOAT

BY Mandi Goodier

1st Jan 2015 Music

Album of the month: Requiem by GOAT

Experimental Swedish group GOAT's fourth album, Requiem, rejects celebrity in favour of community and escapism. Here's our review. 

Requiem by GOAT

Celebrity reigns and image is paramount in this current era, so it’s intriguing to find a band that doesn’t play ball. Enter the masked musicians of GOAT.

Drawing on elements of psyche folk, funk, and an overall tribal vibe, this is contemporary world music that’s hard to locate. But in their invocation of distant lands, it’s surprising to discover that the band hails from a remote Swedish village steeped in tradition and mystery.

With such hippified lyrics as “Brother, I am your sister, you are my brother, we have each other”, this is an album that makes you feel connected in a totally non-digital way. It’s perfect escapism—at least for an hour.

Key tracks: “I Sing in Silence”, “Psychedelic Lover”, “Goatfuzz”

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