Album of the month: Intoxicated Women by Mick Harvey

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Australian musician, multi-instrumentalist and frequent collaborator of Nick Cave, Mick Harvey releases the fourth and final volume of his Serge Gainsbourg translation albums on 20 January. Here's our review. 

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A hint of Nouvelle Vague, a sprinkling of Bad Seeds, and a robust chanson core—these are the things that make Intoxicated Women.

In a labour of love that began in 1995, Mick Harvey translated the songs of Serge Gainsbourg into English and recorded the French icon’s rare duets from the 1960s. The result is an eclectic selection of nostalgia gems, adorned with Harvey’s whisky-like vocals and sweetened by his charming guest chanteuses, including the dulcet tones of Jess Ribeiro or timeless crooning of Sophia Brous.

The collection is a mixture of light-hearted mischief and weary knowingness, punctuated with Gainsbourg’s familiar, goose bump-inducing arrangements.

Key tracks: “Prévert’s Song”, “The Eyes to Cry”, “God Smokes Havanas”

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