5 Facts you didn’t know about rapper JellyRoll

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11th Apr 2022 Music

5 Facts you didn’t know about rapper JellyRoll

Want to get to know more about the lives of your favourite rappers? You need our expert advice and knowledge about who’s who in the industry.

Jelly Roll is a tremendous artist in the American rap scene for those who don't know yet. Known for the numerous tattoos on his face coupled with his many collaborations, this famous rapper is tearing up stages wherever he goes. Some of his notable collaborations include working with Lil Wyte, Struggle Jenkins, and Tech N9ne. He’s a big name in a blossoming industry… so all your fans will be looking for extra info you can lap up.

We researched Jelly Roll to find out all the things you never knew about him but wanted to know. So let’s review the 5 facts about Jelly Roll that no music admirer should live without.

5 Facts about Jelly Roll you need to know

Without further ado, here are five astonishing facts you didn’t know about Jelly Roll but that you can now whip out to impress people at parties.

1 – Jelly Roll is married

Not just married but married to a sensation. Jelly Roll’s wife is Bunnie xo. This phenomenal woman met the rapper while living in his van, hardly able to make ends meet. She is the 24-year-old gorgeous sensation behind the Dumb Blonde podcast. She has a massive IG and YouTube following of her own behind her.

2 – Jelly Roll’s real name

Hardcore fans will already know the man's actual name, who goes by the handle “Jelly Roll,” but there might be some who don’t know it yet. The amusingly named Jelly Roll’s real name is Jason DeFord.

3 – Jelly Roll struggles with addictions

Jelly Roll has so many face tattoos is because he spent a few years in prison. During his teenage years and early twenties, DeFord was in and out of jail for numerous minor offenses. He was charged with robbery and even intent to supply by the time he was 21. Although the plan to provide reflects his drug use habits, habits he firmly assures us are in the past. Drug addiction comes with spiraling life circumstances and low self-esteem. However, the acclaimed rapper rose above all of this to conquer his habits. Nowadays, he can live the rapper lifestyle without cocaine, hard drugs, and overindulgence.

4 – He has millions of followers

Jelly Roll had over 1.6 million YouTube subscribers as of writing. Some of his short videos have amassed over a million likes, all on their own. He is an internet sensation, even becoming a social media influencer and a rap artist. He indeed does have a glittering career. Not bad for someone formerly scraping a living on the streets of Nashville.

5 – Waffle House action

Jelly Roll released an album entitled “Whiskey, Weed & Waffle House,” which sent the Waffle House establishment into wild disarray. Who knew they wouldn’t like that kind of PR? Not the rapper himself, who shortly found himself in trouble with his lawyers. Waffle House sued the rapper back in 2013. Friends report that his love for waffles was the worst casualty.

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